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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Secret Garden @ 1U

Curious to find out what this place looks like (after months of postponing our visit there), we finally decided to "hunt" for the place today. It's actually quite secluded, accessible by only one of the many lifts there.

Located at Level UR (Upper Roof of the new wing), admission is FREE.

The garden is rather shady as most of the walking paths are covered by canopies of plants and trees.

Here are some of the flora and fauna that make up this lovely garden:





It's quite a nice little garden to visit, especially for people like us, who always spend long hours breathing stale mall air. For a change, the fresh outdoor air here is quite welcoming.


  1. eh nice hor, next time go 1U can go there, tak panas meh?

  2. :D Shame on me, my second home, but NEVER been there! aiyo..


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