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Friday, December 11, 2009

This Is Much Better

It took us nearly 2 hours to reach home from the parking lot of Sogo. Still feeling unsatisfied, we decided to hop over to The Curve, our favourite mall, to make up for the unpleasant experience. We picked up Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh on our way there.

Aaahh... this is so much better! We felt so much more "at home" here...

The beautiful Christmas decor in the The Curve

Playing on the giant "snail slide" in Ikano

Testing out the high chair and kiddy cutlery set at Ikea

We had supper at the Ikea cafe with Yeh-yeh and Mah-mah. I loved the curry puffs! After that, we went to Tesco for some grocery shopping before going home. We reached home awfully late, at ten minutes to midnight! Oh what a day (again)!

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  1. i now present the award of "SUPER SHOPPER" & "KAI KAI KING & QUEEN & PRINCESS" to your family! hahaha!


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