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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunset Poses

Sometimes in the evening, if the weather is good (and if I have been good), mummy would bring me to the playground. While I swing and slide and bounce from one playground equipment to another, mummy would admire the beautiful sunset from the recreational area of our apartment...

Today, just because mummy picked up a flower (dropped on the ground) and placed it on my ear, I kept posing...

and posing...

and tilted my head like this... (did this on my own, mummy didn't teach me)

and smiled like this

and like this, trying to look cute

and showed my cheeky look

and well... err, that's it. No more idea...

Ok, the sun has set. Let's go home.

Bye-bye sun! Bye-bye playground!


  1. The many happy faces of a beautiful gal :D

  2. Cute Chloe, love her pose, her smile and the flower haha

  3. She is so pretty. She could be a model one day. Tall and pretty!

  4. Girls are always good at posing for pics. My boy could not care less.

  5. She is so cute with all the poses! The sunset pic is nice .

  6. Cute girl!

    i like sunset view.

    Relax & peace of mind.

    Happy winter solstice!

  7. Such a cutie! She's so adorable! Happy Holidays!

  8. she's so a little Hawaiian girl :D

  9. So cute and so good in posing for photos.... :D

    I find that girls are better than boys when it comes to posing....

  10. girls are girls, they really know how to pose ya..

    Merry Christmas!

  11. CUTE CUTE CUTE.... :)
    Love the sunset pictures too....

  12. HweiiLi, you are staying near the Kelana Jaya LRT station?

    Chloe looks so good with the flower. Mommy, do that more often to her.

  13. You are some where near NZX ah? Then we are not neirhbours. We stay at Shah Alam area. behind the airport


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