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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Want To Be 200

I like to stand at the height measuring chart and say "I want to be one hundred" (although I have no idea what that means). Maybe because earlier, mummy was always asking "have you reached 100 yet?"

Today, I did that again. Standing at the chart, I said loudly...

Me: I want to be one hundred! I want to be one hundred!
Mummy: You ARE already 100. You are one hundred and three (referring to my height of 103cm)!
Me: Oh... *paused for a 5-second thought* Then I want to be 200!
Mummy: *gasp* Oh no you don't! You'd be a giant then. Cannot shop for clothes. Cannot find boyfriend bla bla bla...


103cm - that's my current height, at 3 years 4 months old


  1. Oh... I think YX hv the same height as Chloe. Previously I thought he was 120 cm....and that was way too high! haha

  2. it look like 104cm la...

    200cm ar... let me check... how tall is ur daddy and mummy? Are they 200cm as well? if yes, possible hehehe

  3. don't want 200cm lah! 103cm at her age should be consider tall already? Long time didn't check on my kids height :(

  4. tall!! Gwen is 98 cm only. She knows No. 200? She is smart!

  5. time to check wat's my lil missy's height :)

  6. She is quite tall, mine Terry a cm taller 104cm..nobody say he is a 3.5 yrs old...many thought that he is age 5..


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