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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Crying Spell

Lately, dunno what has gotten into me. I've turned into a cry-baby for no apparent reason. I have been horribly irritable and ill-tempered, which is so unlike my usual jolly self. I behaved very well in school only to return home to... cry! I refused to open my mouth to talk and tell what I want. I choose to cry over almost everything!

When I'm hungry, CRY.
When told to drink water, CRY.
When I spill a few drops of water on myself, CRY.
When I can't position myself comfortably on the sofa, CRY.
When I need my nap, CRY.
Halfway through my nap, CRY.
When I wake up from my nap, CRY.
When I want to pass urine, CRY.
When I can't put on my panties (cos it's inside-out), CRY.
When mummy changes the tv channel, CRY.
When told to pick up my toys, CRY.
When I want to go to bed at night, CRY.
In the middle of the night, CRY.

This has been going on everyday, for a week! Little bit, little bit, cry. Really fan sei yan and mummy is at the brink of going cuckoo! Today, she got so irritated and enraged with my non-stop crying spell that she pointed the cane (balloon stick) at me and forced me to smile and be happy!

Now, how do you smile when you are crying?

Evil or not, my mummy?

Now, compare that to this... taken on the same day, when I'm not crying... so sweet and angelic, right?


  1. what gets her into crying for everthing...poor girl..tears still hanging on the face and force to smile...

    Cheer up girl...mummy, buy something to "tam" her la..

  2. She's just started school, so maybe she's tired and needs more time to adjust?

    I really like her 2nd photo :-)

  3. think mebe she is tired. mine also whine & cry for the little stuf. we usually ignore her. cry la, suka hati u. hahahahah! i know, mean parents!

  4. Aiyo..just started schooling suddenly changed ah. Did you ask her teacher how she behaves in school? Maybe she is angry or upset over something?

  5. hmm...maybe she's not used to the new routine? not enough sleep so cranky? poor girl :(

  6. why cry cry.. you don't look like a cry baby.. just want to teh teh only ah?

  7. aiyoyo... just like Leanne lately. Driving mommy nuts too!!

  8. HIGH FIVE Chloe's mummy ! YX has been driving me crazy too!!! CRY & CRY all day long. Act like a COW! Stubborn!!!

  9. Eii....five five...what happen to the gals lately, huh? In de mood of crying. Same goes to Ethel...isshh..i also no eyes see.

    Hopefully it will return to normal.

  10. I think she's not used to the routine and probably misses you while in school. I'm sure she'll get over this cry-baby phase in no time :)

  11. aiyah, same with my bryan. and he does that only to my MOM! PoPo so tired edi, still have to carry & pacify him to stop crying. Else whole house can come down.

  12. i think she is just 'nao gai'. maybe she wants more attention from mommy. Mommy try to give her more love.

  13. Oh .... now I know that not all kids cried for everything everytime! My Angel used to cry for everything too and I thought it's normal until I read this, so I bet that Chloe must be a good girl in normal days but now, maybe after going to school she wants to 'manja-manja' mommy a bit with her tears ...

  14. now that yur LO is smlling again, can see her pretty face again :)

  15. I agreed with your words,'Fan sei yan"...when I heard Sarah cried for every single thing, I also feel annoyed.


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