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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TV Talk

Help! There's a tv addict in our house...

Talk 1 - Can't Live Without PHD
Mummy: Tomorrow you go to Mah-mah's house and stay there for a night, ok?
Me: (After asking a few questions on why I need to be there) But I don't like to stay there.
Mummy: Why not?
Me: Because there don't have Playhouse Disney!

Talk 2 - Lamest Excuse
Me: This cartoon is not nice.
Mummy: Not nice don't watch. Switch off the tv.
Me: Eehh (protest sound) But I like it a little bit....
Mummy: *What kind of excuse is that?*

Talk 3 - Fighting Over TV Channels With Daddy
Daddy: It's my turn!
Me: It's my turn!
Daddy: What do you mean it's your turn? You've been watching it the whole day. My turn!
Me: It's my tv!
Daddy: *Huh? Since when?*


  1. LOL(Talk 3)

    What's yours is mine, what's mine is mine :P

  2. Time for daddy to get another tv! :D

  3. Bila nak tv, macam-macam reasons ha, Chloe? :-)

    I have 2 tv addicts at home too... the hours they spent on tv a day is more than my whole week altogether! *sigh*

  4. I have the same problem. Playhouse Disney is the only channel when Gwen is awake. When I switch channel, She will start lah "Not this one. Playhouse Disney." -_-

  5. u know what...i actually got another TV for my new place so that i dont hv to FIGHT with philip. he can watch his cartoon n i can watch my dramas....*crazy mama here*

  6. haha... i fight with krys over the TV too, but i compensate with the laptop for her. hahahaha!

  7. alamak.. luckily my yinyue is not addicted to tv yet.. *phew*

  8. Haha cute Chloe. Luckily no Astro in my house, so she only will flight for some Nick Jr cartoon in afternoon.

  9. cute lor. I tell u sometimes the kid's talk really kei sei but is funny when u heard it..hhahaha

  10. i am thinking of cancelling the 613... and change to the kids mandarin on channel 325.. so the ah kong and ah mah can have their share of 333.. haha


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