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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pusat Sains Negara

We went to the National Science Centre today after Koo-Ma informed us about the free entrance. On the way here, I puked in the car. I felt much better after that and instantly bounced back to my usual, cheerful self. Oh, what a big relief!

The first-timers - none of us has been here before.

The tunnel aquarium at the entrance

There were so many interesting things to play with!

The mirror-effect inside the Cloning Room - if there were so many me in real life, daddy and mummy would faint every minute! Haha!

The Light & Music room - stepping on the colourful lights on the floor produced sounds of different instruments in different pitch. I liked this a lot and had a great time jumping and dancing on them.

That's Pegasus, that's Lynx, that's Virgo etc. ... learning about constellations (that lit up on the ceiling at the push of buttons)

More things to see, experiment and play with...

Err... daddy, what are these again?

Playing with the static electricity machine and some IQ puzzles

Admiring a skeleton... mummy what's this?

There was also a ball pool in the children's corner. It was too shallow and not too fun to play in.

The roof of the building

In conjunction with the Da Vinci exhibition which was being held there, there was a booth selling some Da Vinci memorabilia. One of the items was this 4R photo of your face super-imposed on the famous Monalisa painting. Mummy wanted to have a photo printed for me. However, I refused to have my photo taken and threw a small tantrum over it so the offer went to Hayley jie-jie...

Cool, eh?


  1. Free enterence ah? I thought have to pay. Wait till J is bigger then will bring him there.

    Paisey...I have never been there too :P

  2. This mummy very well bring extra clothes.....

  3. Gotta drop by this place next time visiting... lots of activities and fun...

  4. Eh I thought we need to pay for the entrance... yeah I think I wanna go there too. The Monalisa portrait with Hayley jie jie's face is really nice! I'm sure Chloe enjoyed a lot too :-)

  5. Hubby always wanted to go but i refused cos i told him nothing to do there but see see n walk walk onie, not till u showed us the to change my mind then..hehe

    btw, how much is the entrance fees?

  6. smallkucing: Ya, it's the free entrance that attracted us there for our very first visit :-)

    LittleLamb: The spare baju follows us wherever we go. Seldom use it though... kept until so tight-fitting already haha.

    Linda: Ya, do make a trip here next time you are in KL. Quite a nice and educational place to while away your time :-)

    Dora: Ya, normally you have to pay to go in but they are currently giving free entrance because they are closing for reno.

    Mommy Ling: Ya, go go go! Not bad la the place, worth going esp since it's free :-) I'm not sure about the price of the entrance fee though.

    FIY, the centre will be closed from 18Jan to 31Mar for some upgrading and renovation works. It will reopen on 1st April 2010. For more info, do visit

  7. I've been there during form 6..i think so..hehe...or was it form 5..don't remember lah. :P

    Chloe really enjoyed it huh..she is a very alert and curious girl. I think Gwen won't pay much attention except for the pool of balls..haha.

  8. hey, cool place lah! should have followed you guys over. aiyah, regret! glad she was hopping already after the puke.

  9. I went there once, look at the pic, I feel it is so much different now..may b should go visit soon..

    I like the rooftop view from resemble like Singapore Esplanade.

  10. I hope this centre will still be there when Breanna is 'suitable' to go.. you know la, Malaysia boleh.. they can have 1 full fun centre 1 day.. the next day all gone..

  11. Ohh! My next target to bring YX and XJ there!


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