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Saturday, March 13, 2010

3rd McD in a Week!

Believe it or not, I went to McD again today... my 3rd visit within a week! So, how in the world did my anti-fastfood mummy allow that? Well, thanks to this voucher that was given to her on the day of my field trip...

Free Sausage McMuffin with Egg wor? Don't want ar?

Not willing to forgo the free burger (which expires on 15/3), we took a ride to Skypark, Subang Airport and ended up paying extra for just a simple breakfast. The prices here are slightly more expensive, just like in any other airports. Not forgetting the RM2 parking fee.

But nevermind, we got to see aeroplanes there. Daddy and mummy reminded me again about our upcoming holiday next week. Yippeee! I'm really looking forward to flying in a plane next week!

I drank some Milo and ate some hotcakes (pancake) with butter and syrup. I also got a Tamagotchi talking stamper toy that came with the Happy Meal. Not too bad, and not too unhealthy after all...


  1. Mc Donald + Aeroplane = Heaven for kids!! Chloe sure enjoyed her day! ^-^

  2. Great...i love McD Breakfast too :)

    Wah..Chloe going on a plane soon ah? remember to chew on a candy wor when plane is going up :)

  3. Wow..enjoying breakfast with a good view. ;) I think Mummy won't allow having fastfood for a long time after this hehe.

    Have a safe and enjoyable time during your holiday! ^_^

  4. enjoy your holiday and be good ha... we wait for your posts..

  5. Wow...3rd visit in a week.

    Chloe going for a holiday. How nice was that. Happy holidays.

  6. Have a nice trip to HK....n jot down everything. when u r back, pls share ur notes ya..

  7. wah, goin holiday soon! excitingggggggggg!

  8. Salute you la! 3 times in a week… I cannot image it happen to uncle.


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