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Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Field Trip

I've been telling mummy about my anticipated first field trip since last week. I kept telling her that "Teacher said must sleep early and wake up early, teacher said cannot push each other at the playground, teacher said this, teacher said that etc."

Well, today's the day. I had no problem waking up early at 6:45am this morning. Instead of walking to school today, daddy sent me to conserve my energy hehe. I went by bus with my teachers and classmates while mummy went separately with MX's (my classmate) parents, who drove there.

It was mummy's first visit to this park too. It's quite a small but beautiful park... clean, scenic and serene.

Didn't want to "choy" mummy...

We were all having a picnic when mummy arrived. I guess I was too stunned to see her (because I did not expect to see her here). While my friends kept yelling and telling me "RY, your mummy! RY, your mummy is here!" I quickly turned away and refused to look at her. That's how naughty I was!

After a simple snack of buns and water, we joined the rest of the kids from other schools (same school, different branches) at the playground. The whole place was swarmed with little tots! Too many of them... 4 bus-loads, altogether! Mummy kept following us from behind, snapping photos like a "mamarazzi".

We had a great time playing together. We also took a group photo. Only 8 (out of 11) of us went for the trip.

Next, we took a walk around the park... one whole round. The weather was exceptionally good. Although it was 11am+, it wasn't hot at all, thank goodness.

Work and play are just the same, that's the Montessori way...

Look! There are so many tortoises (or are they terrapins?) in the lake! One of the metal bars on this little platform was missing so Miss E kept holding us back and warning us not to go too near to the edge.

Most of us were sweating by the time we finished the walk. We changed into fresh, dry clothes and sat down to take a rest...

Rest? We didn't need any rest at all... only a few minutes after freshening up, we started swinging around like monkeys. I was happily "pole-dancing" too haha!

Kids lining up to get into their respective buses

Soon, it was time to head over to our next destination... McDonald's Centrepoint in Bandar Utama for lunch. The whole upper floor was packed with us kids!

It was my second McD meal in less than a week! *mummy frowned a bit* I had this in Krys' birthday party last Saturday.

I ate 3 pieces of nuggets and some fries. I did not touch the carbonated drink at all.

After filling up our tummies, we did some singing and action songs. See, the teachers even brought along a keyboard for this.

After a round of musical activities, we were each given a sweet treat - vanilla sundae. Yummy!

Finally, it was time to go home. Goodbye! Till we meet again in Field Trip 2!


  1. Wow..Chloe first field trip. How exciting. She is very well behaved ya. Good girl. ^_^

  2. She is so excited eh! HEhe, she has so much fun there. Btw, so fast her school got its first field trip.

  3. wow what a nice field trip. the kids were so well behaved throughout especially when at Mcdonalds :D

  4. So fast got field trip already? That was a great experience for the kids. Wah..Chloe never touch the cold carbonated drink? Such a nice gril. But y don't they arrange for orange juice/milo or ribena? Healthier for the kids ma.

  5. Chloe...why you merajuk at your Mama? Malu is it? wanna try to be independent ah?

    Next time dont merajuk la..Your Mama just wanna record all the first moments in your life

  6. Whao... it seems Chloe really enjoyed the rides in the playground!

    I sent my girl to Montessori too! I reckon it's the most appropriate education system that a child can learn best, simply by open up herself to life!

    Here's where I blogged abt my girl's Montessori: ^-^

  7. wah, very nice wor. next time can come to this park oredi lo, since you came b4 :) McD lagi ah, ok la. im sure yr mommy will ban you for the next few months! hehehehe!

  8. I'm sure she find it fun and happy with her lil friends, school day no need to be in class and go play..

    I'm not sure when Terry's sch will bring them out and I'm sure will follow him just like what u did...

    Chloe very good girl, behave very well...

  9. Oh, look so fun! Chloe doesn't drink carbonated drinks? Such a good girl!

    Too bad HQ's new kindy doesn't organise field trips; he would love to join :-(.

  10. This is a good activities. Children can group and play together. But, teacher need play important roles as well.

  11. hello!! Yes, what a small small world! I don't think Chloe and Bryan are from the same branch though....noticed the grouping time is different on the notice haha. I must admit that the field trip was sooooo well-planned.


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