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Monday, March 8, 2010

From Bread to Bento

*Churn* *Twist* *Stir* The gentle sound of the breadmaker drew me into the kitchen. It was going through the dough-kneading process. Curious, I asked: Mummy, can you please carry me up there? I want to see the bread...

Let me take a peek first...

Ooooh, that's how bread is made.

It was 11pm (3 hours later) when the bread was ready and I was already sound asleep. I did not get to eat it fresh from the breadmaker. I had it for lunch the following day...

Mummy's homemade wholewheat bread with cheese...

... which was part of the cincai bento set that she prepared for me for lunch today

Grapes, organic corn with butter, baby strawberries, carrot sticks and a star-shaped hard-boiled free-range chicken egg (the egg was too small so it did not turn out very nice)

Mmm... it's yummy! Can you make it again?

The bread was quite thick and filling. I polished off everything on the plate and left only a few grapes behind (because that's my least favourite hehe).


  1. why? i know that a lot of blogger mummy know to make bento e.g. annie Q and mummy ling.

    ChloeRuoyi is a lucky girl. :)

  2. wow yummy and oh so healthy :) chloe is one lucky gal ;)

  3. The bento looks very nice. :) Good healthy food ya.

  4. Wah, nice bread making machine!
    Good healthy wholewheat bread! I want Spiderman bento can or not?

  5. wahseh, good job mommy! well done. very nice, so healthy too!

  6. very healthy !
    that's great chloe can finish it.

  7. jia you mummy.. with the bread maker, it's easier to make bread... if you need some bread recipe using breadmaker, let me know, I have a book of it.. hehe.. :D

  8. Dropping by to say 'Hi'!

    You have a very sweet looking girl! You are such a handy mom who can make wholemeal bread and bento for your sweet one!

  9. cincai bento? that's GREAT! I wish I can put a bit of effort to make something like that. :)

  10. Beautiful bento. And so healthy food.

  11. Very nice and healthy bento. Good job.

  12. So colourful and appetizing! Very healthy and balanced too. Lucky Chloe :-)

  13. Wow..nice bentos!!!

    Very colorful..

  14. Chloe doesnt like grapes? For Sarah, it is her no. 1 fruits, hehe.

    Wah....yummy bread and it turned out real good!


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