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Friday, March 19, 2010

HK Disneyland Day 1

We woke up at 6am, reached the airport at 7am+ and boarded the plane at 9am for our flight to Hong Kong.

Breakfast on wheels... eating my bread on the luggage trolley in KLIA

This was the second time I flew on a plane. My first was to Singapore last year.

I behaved very well on the plane and sat still throughout the whole journey. I also watched an in-flight movie, Dumbo.

I was given a Stitch goodie bag which contained some stickers, a calendar, 2 cute note pads, a pen, a box of crayons, activity & colouring worksheets and a set of puzzles.

Enjoying my Kid's Meal

It was quite a substantial meal that could fill up even an adult. I ate only about half of it and the rest were tapau-ed by mummy for my snack later.

We landed in Hong Kong just before 1pm. While waiting for our transfer to the hotel, we saw these beautiful balloon sculptures at the waiting area of the airport...

Only one word... Wow!

We reached Disneyland Hotel just before 3pm. While daddy was checking-in at the hotel, mummy and I walked around... (will create a new post for the hotel next)

Say hello to Minnie Mouse

Our tickets to Disneyland

After taking a quick look at our room and putting down whatever that we didn't need, we wasted no time and quickly rushed out to go to Disneyland. In the lift, I suddenly exclaimed "Uh oh, I think I forgot something...". Too overwhelmed with excitement, I had forgotten to put on my shoes hahaha!

Wait a minute, I forgot my shoes! (Also drinking my milk while on the go)

The shuttle bus that ferried us between the hotel and the themepark

We're finally here!

We reached just in time to catch the Disney on Parade. However, the street was already packed with people so we had to stand at the back of the crowd. Luckily daddy was tall so our view was not obstructed hehe...

Hi... bye! I enjoyed waving at the characters

Sooooooo happy!

Knowing how stroller dependent I am, daddy tried to rent one there. However, our hopes were dashed when our request was repeatedly refused because the weight limit was 15kg. Although mummy kept pleading with the staff (and even tried to lie about me being just a little over 15kg), the lady there did not buy her story *Cheh* Well, I had no choice but to walk. And occasionally, asked daddy to "carry".

After watching the parade, we went for the rides. My first pick was the Cinderella Carousel...

I LOVED it! We Q-ed half an hour for this, must make the wait worthwhile hehe!

Next was Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The queue was equally long, as expected.

Next, we watched a 3-D show called Mickey's PhilharMagic. Feeling tired after the long hours of walking, it felt really good to plop ourselves on the cosy chairs in this theater.

How do I look? Hehehe...

Next, daddy and I sat on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups...

Ooh, look who's here... it's Alice!

The cups on the saucer spin round and round...

After that, we went for a very relaxing, beautiful and colourful cruise called It's a Small World. Surprisingly, we almost did not have to queue for this. We only waited one round for our turn...

Very nice

Soon, it was dinnertime. We wanted to go to the Comet Cafe in Tomorrowland but landed in a restaurant called Starliner Diner instead. We did not even realize we were in the wrong restaurant until we finished our meal. How silly haha!

Our free meal (redeemed with complimentary meal coupons) - Teriyaki Chicken Burger for daddy and Fish Burger for mummy, with 2 bowls of savoury rice as side dishes (to replace the French fries).

It felt really weird eating burger with rice! But it was a "healthier" option so they didn't mind it and I liked the rice. Even though I was extremely tired and sleepy, I still insisted on eating my bowl of rice. Here's a very funny video of me doing that...

It's amazing that I could last this long. I woke up at 6am and did not sleep a wink the whole day.

I finally gave up and slept soundly on mummy's lap after attempting to feed myself about 10 spoonfuls. Daddy and mummy decided to sit a little longer in the restaurant so that I could take a longer nap and they could rest their tired feet.

After a quick, 30-mins re-charge, I was all ready to play again...

Went on this Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters... a ride with an interactive shooting game. Shiok!

Riding on a flying saucer called Orbitron... a ride that is similar to the Dumbo one

Finally, we watched in awe as the sky just above Sleeping Beauty's castle was lit up by some spectacular fireworks...

Sleeping Beauty's castle

Awesome fireworks display

At about 8pm+, it was time to call it a day. The skies here actually turned dark at 6:30pm so by 8pm, it already felt very late to us, not to mention we were completely exhausted. Well, we will be back tomorrow (we had 2-day passes) for more fun!


  1. hey, you are back. have been looking forward to reading about your disneyland adventure. glad all went well. it's a small world is my favorite ride :D love it. can't wait to read more.

  2. so auntie is impatient to read the next chapter of your Disneyland trip :D

    Glad your sorethroat is better

  3. Wow~!! What a wonderful trip, definitely must pay a visit with my kids when they grow older!

    Btw, 2 thumbs up for the candid video of Chloe!

  4. The hotel looks so nice. Day 2 should be more fun after a good rest. :) Day 1 already so much fun...hehe.

    So kesian dozing off while eating rice...but the video is funny lah..hehe. :P

  5. lucky philip is below 15kg!!! *thanks for the tip*

    gosh..u took the morning flight..n u didnt wasted any time..... nice
    waiting for more of ur post..

  6. B ah B... your video so funny lah.. left Koo Koo laughing so hard :D

    Wish I was there too :( (I would have taken how many pictures I wonder :p)

  7. Spent 2 days in Disneyland, so shiok man... Love the balloon sculptures

    Chloe is so happy!

  8. Looks like Chloe enjoyed herself very much (surela... disneyland wor... :-)). Love her smiles especially the one at the lift; so sweet :-). too excited until forgotten shoes? :-D

  9. OMG! Disneyland is so beautiful.

    I can't stop laughing when Chloe forgot her shoes! and laugh even harder when she doze off while eating her rice! hahaha..sorry...but she was cute!

  10. haha.. I already start laught at the start of the video, It's always very funny to see children doze off at dinner time... sorry...

    You should have brought a stroller with you, I hope daddy doesn't have any sore shoulder or sore back by now...

    HK Disneyland is one place that I always wanted to bring ziyi. My hubby always say wanna bring ziyi there, but more of talking than action... haha

    Mind to share how much you spend on your trip?

  11. Oh, you makes me feel so miss of Disneyland...queue up and wait for all rides is just so tiring...understd that...anyway glad that u enjoy most out of really looks too tired in the video, but good that you u eat before you sleep...

  12. Awesome trip!! Can see Chloe was really very exhausted after a full day travelling. The video really makes me laugh, haha... girl oh girl.... you can really sleep in any position! so cute...

  13. it is really alot of nice view.

    aiyo... you look very tired!

    fast fast finish and go to sleep. wakakaka.

    Your mummy not very helpful la... see you tengah tengah sleep while eating.. not help you but take video

    haiya apa ni.

  14. wah she is so exciting, 1st time on flight, 1st time at Disneyland. Haha pity her so tired but still trying hard to chew and has her dinner.

  15. missed out this post. she is so cute...haha..i am going to Hong Kong with kids next week, the 2 day pass is for those stay in the hotel in Disneyland right? need to top up from the normal ticket?


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