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Saturday, March 20, 2010

All About the Hotel

Disneyland Hotel, that is. Daddy and mummy were glad that they chose this hotel because it was a very beautiful hotel...

Our room was somewhere along this wing, on the 2nd floor

View of the hotel taken from the maze

The lobby area


Our room... oops, forgot to straighten the sheets before snapping this photo. Princess Me slept on one bed while daddy & mummy shared one (both were queen-sized)

4 pairs of bedroom slippers (of different sizes) with words that say "Please take me home...."

The Seven Dwarfs toiletries

Since we did not get to have breakfast with the Disney characters in the Enchanted Garden restaurant (because it was fully booked, although we tried to make a reservation the night before!), we spent the morning walking around the lovely garden of the hotel.

Look, a maze! Let's go there...

Hello, can you spot us?

Walk, walk, walk... follow the leader

Yay! I've reached the centre of the maze

Run, BB, run (and leave cute little footprints behind)

A pretty flower patch

When I saw this love arch, I shouted "McDonald's" haha!

Located on the seafront, we could see the South China Sea on the right


  1.'s beautiful. love the maze....just like in the cartoons :D

  2. Wow...beautiful hotel. I love the room especially the 2 queen size beds. :P

    BTW, how did you paid for the package?

  3. Lovely. How I wish I was there NOW! haha....hope you guys enjoyed your holidays to the max.

  4. Very beautiful hotel and the maze..

  5. wow... envy.... I also want to stay in Disneyland Hotel. So beautiful!!

  6. you look happy and enjoy!

    about the slipper, yes please take it home else the cleaner will throw inside rubbish tong.

  7. gorgeous! like fantasyland! and the toiletries & bedroom slipper! gosh!


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