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Saturday, March 20, 2010

HK Disneyland - Day 2

After a relaxing morning in the garden, we were all ready to continue our looooooooong walk so here we went again...

At the main entrance

As soon as we entered the park, we saw Goofy and Pluto. Quickly went to queue up for a photo session with them...

Picture perfect!
It was quite a sunny day. Mummy bought a cap for me. It cost HKD150 (about RM64). All the souvenirs and snacks/food here cost an arm and a leg! Asked to choose between a Goofy or a Pluto cap, I chose Pluto...

Woof woof! Cute eh?

Next, we went for a car ride called Autopia. I wasn't tall enough to drive so mummy drove and I was the passenger...

Aah, this one, I can drive!

Then, we spotted Buzz Lightyear nearby...

With the Toy Story II hero

Played water in the UFO Zone... We had to be cautious and selective in this water-squirting play area or risk wetting our clothes.

Wash hand enough lah...

High School Musical dance performance

Jupiter (that's what I said it was) is in my hand heh heh heh!

Soon, it was lunch time. Again, the prices of food here was exorbitant and taste-wise, it was below average only. A simple meal like this cost HKD45-50 each (RM20+). We had one more meal voucher left, so it was pay one, free one...

Left: Mummy's braised vegetables with rice Right: Daddy's rice with BBQ chicken, Chinese sausage, salted egg and vegetables

Janitors + trash cans = music

Next, we went to Adventureland...

Tarzan's Treehouse

Cling, clang, bang, boom!

Cruising along the mysterious river of adventure in the Jungle River Cruise

Wanted to watch Festival of the Lion King (we heard that it was good) but too bad, the theater was closed today.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle

The Magic Broom from Fantasia

Our next ride was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh...

Sitting in a honey pot... enjoying the cartoon along the ride

Holding the Excalibur: Sword in the Stone

We chose two of our favourite rides - It's a Small World & Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and went for a second round of ride before taking some photos with a few more characters...

I also got a kiss from Minnie Mouse and a big bear hug from Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore *in cloud 9*

The many charmingly landscaped gardens

Mummy was too stingy to get me a balloon (RM43 each!) so she just snapped some photos of it. When the balloon man saw her doing that, he handed the whole bunch for me to hold...
Waaaaaah... *satisfied already* no need to buy haha!

Soon, it was time to leave. On our way out, we saw Mickey. He was leaving too so we quickly chased after him and swarmed around him. Although it was not a personalized photo with him, it was good enough...


We left just after 5pm, to catch our arranged transport to the city and continue our stay there.

Bye-bye Disneyland

We checked-in to Prudential Hotel, which was located right in the heart of the city of Kowloon, along one of the busiest streets called Nathan Road. Coincidentally, this was the very same hotel that daddy and mummy stayed in their last HK trip exactly 10 years ago (back in March 2000).

Right in front of our hotel

Food, shopping, entertainment etc. were conveniently available within the vicinity of the hotel. Temple Street (something like Petaling Street) was only 5 minutes' walk away. We had dinner somewhere nearby and sampled some of HK's street foods...

Finally, something cheap... wantan noodles and fishball noodles, only HKD10 each (RM4.30)

While walking on the streets, I noticed something cute and kept telling daddy and mummy to see...

A dog on a stroller... how pampered! I had to walk until my legs went wobbly and this lil' doggie... hmm...

It has been a very long day. Feeling extremely tired, we returned to the hotel to retire for the day...

Our warm and cosy room


  1. The food didn't look appetising at all... but after a long day of walking, I guess whatever we put in our mouth will surely taste yummy... :)

    The mickey ballon is overpriced. Luckily Chloe get to hold the WHOLE bunch. I guess pay RM43 also worth it lah.. haha

    Nice holiday you have there... so envy.... I WANT TO GO TOO!!

  2. Wow..Disneyland's souvenirs are so expensive. I won't buy the balloon for Gwen too...too expensive.

    Chloe is so happy there. :D I enjoyed looking at all the pics. Gwen saw your Disneyland post and she has been telling me she wanna go Disneyland. -_-

  3. what a wonderful trip.

    Chloe so guai. Noneed buy balloon and didnt kutip batu like Joshua kakaka

  4. Nice hotel in prudential! How much was it for a night?

    Oh yess..Lion King show was the best in Disneyland. :)

    I miss disneyland!!

  5. What a nice trip!!! Chloe is not afraid of all the Disney Characters which is very brave!! Those Minnie balloons looks so pretty lah ..... I am still hoping that one day I would bring Angel to HK Disney too :P

    Your room at the Prudential hotel looks so spacious leh

  6. Aikk, Prudential hotel....I think not related to the Prudential Assurance Company....LOL!

  7. Linda: Haha, ya the food in DL is to fill up the tummy only, not for enjoyment :p Do bring your girls there. I'm sure they'll love it. I just wrote to you about the package... go check your comments.

    Mummy Gwen: I'm sure Gwen's turn to go to DL will materialize soon. Start planning lah :-)

    Smallkucing: She didn't ask for the balloons at all... it's the mummy who sampat2 take photos only ma hehe...

    Crystal: Not sure about the price of a night's stay in Prudential. It's included in our package. Ya, we know we missed something good, the Lion King show :-( You miss DL? Go again lah! Haha :p

    MommyAngel: Hi Caroline, long time no "see"! Every kid (including us adults) yearn to go to DL haha. Maybe you can start planning a trip too :-)

    Pete: Prudential Insurance ar? No lah... same name only, not related one haha!

  8. looks like u guys had so much fun at disney ;) hehehe

  9. I like the pluto cap! I wanna go to HK. When? when? Never been before le.

  10. You have been enjoying most part of the Disneyland...wat about the Disney amphitheater? When i was there last time I'm not able to cover all in a day time.

    The Winnie Pooh honey cup I took 2 rounds of simply just so beautiful inside...

  11. must have been an unforgettable trip to disneyland huh? wow, the prudential hotel is very nice. i will definitely check it out.

  12. I stayed at Prudential hotel too, 5years back when I travelled to HKG. Wow, things at Disneyland is expensive... the Pluto cap is cute though.. hehe. Chloe look so happy there, lucky girl =)

  13. Your are lucky girl and so young can go to disneyland.

    uncle like me... so far only see from outside gate only. see uncle pity or not?

    Maybe, next time when uncle's punya daughter besar i will not need see from outside lo... i will go in as well.

    you need to study smart and earn money to send ur parent to France disneyland - it is really big than HK.

  14. This round she ride on so many kiddie ride in Disneyland.

  15. hotel looks good, and walao, the balloon so expensif sial! crazy! eh the simple meal looks nice wor. and you guys meet winnie the pooh! eeeeeeeeeek... i missed the cute lil bear!


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