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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Observing Earth Hour

We observed Earth Hour for the second time today. Last year, we just stayed at home. This year, we did something different as we were back in Seremban.

Surprisingly, Gung-gung was an eager supporter of this cause, so at 8pm+, we switched off all the lights in the house and went out for a car-ride (ended up burning fuel instead haha!). Our journey to nowhere eventually led us to Carrefour.

Our our way home, Gung-gung suggested supper so we headed to a mamak stall in town for this very rare treat (we never eat out late at night)...

Roti canai... my favourite!

I absolutely loved the roti canai but my intake was only limited to half of the roti. Ah Ma (and mummy too) did not allow eating too much greasy food just before bedtime.

We reached home at about 10.30pm. The lights in our home was switched off for more than 2 hours.


  1. Haha...burning fuel. Hubby and I FORGOTTEN about the earth hour. *shake head*. We work late too that day and back home at around 7 + pm. After dinner and bathe, we have to tuck in both kids. What a tired day.

  2. Wah..if you didn't stop her, she could finish the whole piece of roti canai? Gwen loves roti canai too but she is a small eater.

    Your Gung Gung is so cool lah..hehe.

  3. Half aroti canai is enough lor. Else get indigestion le.

    Wah...your Gung-Gung so "in" one ah :)

  4. agree roti canai good to eat but not good for health. too oily.

  5. i was somewhere walking shopping during earth hour! hahaha!

  6. hahahah burning fuel, endaring the earth oso...hahaha funny! I went to mid valley during the earth the electricity at home :)


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