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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Ipoh Day Trip

We are quite fond of making day trips to Ipoh, mainly to makan-makan (eating spree) and visit some relatives. Today is actually Mah-mah's birthday so we decided to celebrate it differently, with a trip down hometown. Starting our journey as early as 6:30am, the eight of us (Mah-mah, Yeh-yeh, daddy, mummy, Koo-koo, Koo-jeong, Hayley jie-jie and I) traveled together in two cars.

As usual, we had dim-sum breakfast at Foh San. Our table was filled with all kinds of yummy delights. However, I was not keen on any of them except for the fishballs. It was a boring (although I don't agree with that) fishballs-only meal for me...

Sedap until angkat kaki... what an unladylike demeanor *mummy frowns* *daddy shakes head*

After a hearty breakfast, we went sight-seeing around Ipoh town and visited some of the famous limestone cave temples.

Giggling girls... with Hayley jie-jie at the last (back) row of Koo-koo's brand new car

Our first stop was the Sam Poh Tong temple. There was not much to see here. The place was not very well-kept and the tortoise pond was in quite a sorry state. The most beautiful place here was probably the garden at the entrance of the cave.

My first time walking in a real cave!

Next, we went to another cave temple called Kek Lok Tong. This place looked so much better.

The sand in my slippers attracted so much attention hehe...

At the koi pond with daddy

Exploring the inside of the magnificent cave

We walked through the cave and were greeted by a beautiful garden on the other side...

Alright, let's go for lunch now

Soon, it was lunch time. Mummy suggested going to this "tai shue kiok" (big tree's foot) after reading about it here. With the help of Google Map, we managed to find it quite easily.

Yong tau foo with noodle soup... cheap and good!

Some of the side dishes... popiah, chee cheong fun, fruit drinks and creme caramel

The drinks there were rather unique and they were all really good!

Later, we made a trip to Pusing (about 20 mins' drive from Ipoh), daddy's birth place. We visited Sook-gung and Sook-por here. We've always wanted to come here because of their mini poultry "farm". However, we arrived a little too late (in the evening), and just after the rain so the coop was infested with mosquitoes, shattering our hopes of chasing and playing with the chickens. Feeling rather unsatisfied, we went against repeated warnings and made a quick dash inside just to say hi and bye to the hens, the roosters and the ducks.

Hello chickies, bye chickies. Hello duckies, bye duckies.

Just like that, in just under 2 minutes, we ran back into the house with more than 10 mozzie bites all over our arms and legs! Well, although we did not get to "bond" with the chickens, we got to eat their eggs haha! Sook-por gave us a bag of fresh eggs...

"Organic" free-range chicken and duck eggs... can't wait to eat them!

We then headed to Tanjung Tualang for dinner. This town is well-known for fresh seafood. The dishes that we had were all yummy beyond description (which explained why we kept coming back here). I ate more rice than usual because fish and prawns are my favourite!

We had deep-fried oyster omelette, paku vege (a kind of fern) with sambal belacan, tofu with mixed vege, kam-heong crabs, butter prawns, steamed fresh prawns and steamed catfish.

With a beaming Mah-mah, the birthday girl

After dinner, it was time to go home. Both Hayley jie-jie and I were totally knocked-out in the car. We slept throughout the 2-hour journey and reached home around midnight!

Slept all the way home...


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mah Mah.

    That is a real nice trip. Maka-ing all the way.I like :)

  2. The birthday girl is so happy ya :P

    I like makn makan trip like this. But I don't think I can get wake up sooo early and depart at 6.30 am. Salute to chloe!

  3. What a lovely trip!! And all the yummilicious food is making me hungry!!!!!!!!

  4. ahhh...can't believe you actually went to the Tai shue kiok :D Did you all like the food? Gosh, i am salivating now just looking at the food :( We haven't been to Kek Lok Tong before. How sad eh? I think we should visit this cave the next time when we go back. wow, your day trip is really fun although tiring huh? You all managed to visit so many places :D

  5. wow...nice trip!

    so many good foods especially de fruit juice. i ask Claire to bring me there when i go Ipoh..ahhaha

  6. I've not been to Ipoh before...don't know how to get around there sei mou..haha. all went to eat at all the famous places..I'm hungry already looking at the food. Gwen only eats fishballs too when it comes to having dim sum..haha.

  7. Ipoh is sure a good place for food. Makan sambil visit trip is always so fun...I miss the Fish Head noodle near Foh San...

  8. your jie jie look like mat salleh.

    happy belated birthday to ur mah mah.

    never go to the cave.

    the dinner dishes look great.

    so do you know how much ur family spend that day ?

    uncle guess around rm350 to rm400.

    why you sleep like this... later hurt your head baru tahu.

  9. What a great day out!
    Love all the food, got my favourite in there as well, the creme caramel... YUMMY!
    No carseat no seatbelt? Aiyah

  10. Ipoh is so full of food! Both girl sleep so soundly in the car, they must very tired!

  11. Smallkucing: Thanks for the wish :-)

    Mummy Moon: This girl really kaki outing one... she had no problem waking up at 6am, and even sprang out of bed haha!

    BnB'sM: Yes, it was a fun and lovely trip indeed :-)

    Mtc: Hehe, million thanks to you, Barb for luring us there. You can visit the Kek Lok Tong on your next trip there... and then intro more makan place to us :p Yeah, it was fun but quite tiring.

    Mommy Ling: Yes, go go go! Got Claire as your makan-guide, lagi shiok :-)

    Mummy Gwen: Moving around in Ipoh is quite easy actually. Maybe you can appoint one of the mummies there to be your guide? I'm sure they will be very glad to have you there :-)

    Lemonjude: Oh, there's fish head noodle near Foh San? Hmm... next time my go and try.

    CHVoon: You really want to know how much we spent? Let's see... breakfast RM110, lunch RM40, dinner RM256, petrol RM80, toll RM50. How much already? But of course, not everything we pay lah...

    Linda: I was WAITING for this question haha! I thought nobody would notice. Ya, bad parenting here... no carseat and seatbelt. She does put on the seatbelt at other times. Since she was asleep there, it was more comfy without the belt...

    Serene: Ya, it was quite tiring not only for the kids but for us adults too. Imagine, we woke up at 6am. It was a very loooooong day!

  12. This is such a fun trip. Jalan2 sambil makan. But I believe very tiring. Nevermind, still worth it!

  13. day can accomplished so many places, pooi fook pooi fook.. :) now mommyling wanted me to take her to the places u gone to....:p

  14. yah man, so many places in 1 day. eeeeekkk looking at the food. im so hungry now!


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