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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweating. Burning. Sizzling... Doused!

There's nothing like a cool and refreshing dip in the swimming pool at the end of a sweltering hot day! And we did just that a moment ago. While daddy and mummy used to go for night swims many years ago (before I was born), I finally had my very first chance today.

Before that, let's show off my "new" swimsuit first (it's actually a hand-me-down from cousin Hayley). It has blue-green-purple stripes too, something similar to my first swimsuit, which I have already outgrown...

The "scratching armpit" pose haha!

More poses... all done on my own

As soon as we reached the pool area, *splish splash* I was already IN the pool... I just couldn't wait any longer haha.

Holding on to my butterfly floatie and beach ball...

I love swimming... minus the scorching sun!

Cornered... there was this boy, a fellow neighbour who kept chasing after me and splashing water at me. Hmph!

From "foe" to friend... playing ball together

It was really, really fun. I simply loved it! There are so many good reasons to swim at night:

1. The water is warm and nice (warmer than the hottest time of the day!)
2. It's less windy
3. It's not crowded
4. No need to put sunblock

How I wished we could do this everyday but mummy said "only on a hot day, ok".


  1. Chloe is so sweet and adorable! Have you ever consider to make her a child star? My girl never want to pose for me infront of a camera, I'm so so envy you~!! >0<

    Please have a nice day ahead!

  2. Love all her poses..she is so pretty. Her new swimsuit is a bit loose eh. Almost everyday is a hot day in KL wor..hehe.

  3. Nice swimming suit. So many pose some more

    true...almost everyday is a hot day in KL

    Today was scorching hot. Gosh ..wish can go swimming too.

  4. swimming at night? never try that. I am afraid of dark and spooky things.

    Chloe is so CUTE with all the sexy poses that shows her belly button... :)

  5. Natural poser!! The swimsuit is cute :)

    It is really hot here in Ipoh too... No mood to go out also :(

  6. aww..i like her swimsuit. it's so sweet :D

  7. it's hot hot every day la.. no choice, for now, it can be a 'swim' day.. even Breanna bathed like 3 to 4 times a day..

  8. Love all her poses. But y frowning? hehe.... Never tried night swim before. Should plan to bring both my kids for a swim one of these days.

  9. Weather nowadays is unbearble hot! So i think mummy will allow you to swim everyday.. heheh.

  10. Chloe really knows how to pose. So any potential for her to get started in child modeling?

  11. Great way to cool down on this hot day..she looks great in all posing...

  12. The hand down swim suit look similar to her previous one haha. Ya swim at nite would be prefer if only it's a hot night keke.

  13. where is the place? hotel or condominium?

    i heard that weather at malaysia is hot!

    Good suit - good pose - but you not swim?

  14. Alice: Child star? No such luck la hehe... she's just being natural at home. Outside, she's a totally different person... timid like a mouse!

    mnhl: That frown haha... is actually her "signature" ugly face pose. It doesn't mean anything :-)

    Rachel: Child modelling? Don't think she'll qualify haha... too timid.

    CH Voon: At home la, in our own apartment... where else? Haha. Yes, the weather here is HOT like crazy lately :-(

  15. Wah, like professional model, ada potential....cute!

  16. so many poses before cute of her..i m sure she cant wait to jump in de pool.

  17. Pretty and sexy Chloe in swim suit..nice!

  18. wah shiok laaaaa! chloe is a babe! a kiddy babe :)

  19. She's jes so cute! I dun dare to let the kids swim at nite. Hv always imagined it to be vy cold. Now she must be wishing everyday is a HOT day. :)


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