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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Desa Park City

We explored a new park today. Although it's quite far from our home (about 30 mins away, plus 2 tolls to go and come back), we decided to go ahead and made our way to....

It's quite a nice park, although a bit too crowded with people... and dogs! We've never seen so many doggies in a park before.

While walking in the park, we met a friend. It was Auntie Wyneth and little Jonas. However, I was too snobbish and unfriendly to even say hello, and refused to stand next to Jonas for a photo *mummy frowns*

I happily waved hello to the fishes instead *mummy slaps forehead*

Running to the playground *excited*

The playground equipments were quite unusual, nothing like those found in most parks. This playground was something like the one in Vivo City, Singapore. The swing looked interesting but I didn't get a chance to sit on it.

It was very windy and we noticed a lot of people flying kites. Since we did bring along ours (it has always been kept in the car boot), we decided to join in the fun...

Kites dotting the gloomy sky...

Kite-flying while standing on the same spot... just tug-tug the string like this... easy peasy!

When it was finally time to leave, we felt raindrops falling on our heads. We quickly walked over to the Waterfront@Parkcity, which was located within the park.

We had our dinner there. There were so many restaurants there, we were spoilt for choice. We finally settled for steamboat. I must be very, very hungry because I finished the whole bowl of noodles with 5 fish balls!

Yum-yum... see my empty bowl?

There was a Max Valu (Jusco's) supermarket there too. We went there for a short stroll after dinner...

Happily "driving" around the supermarket in the kiddy car-trolley


  1. Oh nice park, I searching nice park to fly kite. We planning long time to my gal for flying kite but dunno where got such windy place.

  2. maybe we can arrange one day to flying kite there.Vic and HL.

  3. I didn't know got such nice park...hehe. Chloe looked so happy there. She is cute to say Hi to the fish...and Gwen does that too. LOL.

  4. wah, a nice park, with makan place and a jusco nearby! good lah tu! all in one!

  5. Interesting playground... and dogs are allowed in that park?! Gosh~!! If I would have know this park ealier, I will definitely bring my late doggie Husky to have fun over there!

    Have a nice day! It looks like Chloe really enjoyed her park visit!

  6. The park is big. You enjoyed so much ya!

  7. hub always want to go but i refused cos i m one ah sou scare of seeing crowd and also sweating..hahah..

  8. Wow, nice park... got restaurant and Jusco somemore! Next time you can go there more often.

  9. wow very nice park :) there are still so many places we have yet to check out!

    nice photos :)

  10. nice park leh.. very interesting.. nothing like the usual :)

  11. Nice park. We never bring ziyi fly a kite before....

  12. windy. Our kite never got a chance to fly up high. haha...
    Nice place for outing.

  13. Vy nice park. But as usual, rather crowded on a w/end ya. Vy convenient too, with restaurants nearby.


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