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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Happy, Noisy Sunday

We usually spend our Sundays at home, especially after a crazy morning-to-night mall outing on Saturdays. And whenever we are at home, there is never a dull or quiet moment. With blaring music, chatters and laughters, we sometimes feel that our home is the noisiest on the block!

Recently, Tai Koo-ma gave us some CDs and books from the Yamaha JMC music program. I love the songs and music very much and I listen to them almost everyday. I also like to gather some of my musical instruments and dance to the music. Just look at my happy face...

I was exceptionally cheerful today... dunno why

Dancing, shaking and tapping to the music with my percussion instruments... castanet, shaker (maracas) and tambourine

Here's a video of the very gleeful, ever-smiling musician...


  1. Chloe...wana learn musical instrument or not? Piano, guitar, drums..... :p

  2. Love her sweet smile... beautiful! Who was playing piano beside?

  3. hey, you gotta tell us what you do at the mall for so many hours :D after 4 hubs always have that 'half-dead' look on his face already.

  4. not wonder why my block always so noisy... u ni little kid make a lot noise har ..

    but keep it on, cause i used to i... without noise cannot sleep liao

  5. Sundays are family fun day at home ya. Mummy is playing the piano right? Chloe is so happy there. ^_^

  6. Hahaha... definitely a sheer of joys seeing kids playing music! It's not "noisy" lar~! It's a "lovely" Sunday!;)

  7. she sure is one cheery little princess! :)

  8. Serene: It was mummy lor :p

    mtc: Haha... 1 hour here, 1 hour there, and before we realize it, time to go home already. Time flies when we are having fun (shopping) ;-)

  9. The SMILE.. oh so ADORABLE and SWEET! :)

  10. Chloe can play the instruments pretty well with the music.

    And mommy played the piano perfectly!


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