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Friday, May 7, 2010

MD Special: Floral Fantasy

It is a special Friday again today...

Mummy was invited to join our school's special Mother's Day celebration. The theme was Floral Fantasy. I didn't have many outfits with floral motifs. The only presentable one I had was this dress that I've outgrown so it was worn as a blouse instead. I was quite moody and uncooperative in the morning but mummy kept "forcing" me to smile for the camera...

Fake smile... but I managed to look genuinely happy :)

The first event of the day was a special assembly where all the children and their mommies sat together in a large circle. We talked a bit about our mommies and sang 3 songs... the Mummy Darling song, a Chinese song "Shi Shang Zi You Ma Ma Hao" and a Malay song "Ibu, Engkaulah Ratu Hatiku".

We then proceeded to the next activity... making a bead bracelet for mummy.

Slowly and steadily... stringing the beads with mummy's help

Here it is... a precious little gift for mummy (with my finger-print flower on the heart-shaped tag)

One of my classmate's mummy baked this cake

Mmmmm... it was a chocolate cake, my favourite! (I was wearing the bracelet, and refused to give it to mummy, claiming that it was mine haha)

After that, classes resumed as usual. Mummy caught a glimpse of me in action during our music class and then she quickly sneaked home.

I love this music program... Music Circle by Musikgarten


  1. She is wearing a dress? So short already but Mummy matched it perfectly well with the leggings. :)

    So sweet and "lum" lor Mummy. Gwen's school got nothing on for Mother's Day. Card also I tak dapat. Some more this Sunday I'm alone with GWen. *sob sob*

    BTW, Happy Mama's Day to you! :)

  2. I had a good time this morning too :) Chloe's smile is so pretty and sweet!

  3. Now if you drink coffee also no need to add sugar sweet leh :p

  4. Happy Mother's Day...have a nice weekend with your family!

  5. the fact that they did the bracelet is like.. so nice! i like this kindie already! well done .. Happy Mother's Day to you hwei li :)

  6. love her floral attire. Chloe looked so sweet. i like her many activities :D Mummy has to keep this bracelet in a special place eh?

  7. Yan Yan comes home today and tell me she got a surprise for me, a mama day card :P
    Yours one shiok leh, got bracelet.. The cake that her classmate mummy baked is very nice.

  8. Hey, here wishing you a Happy Mother day, may this day bring you loads and loads of love coming from your family members.. big and lil ones as well.

    and may God give you abundant health, wisdom and strength to raise the chilren of tomorrow,, take care now and god bless

  9. HAPPY MOTHER's DAY hweili! a pat on the back for you! lum sei lor hor. hahaha! i like mummy's fashion sense. haha!

  10. mm a lot of activities in this kindergarden ho...

    Happy Mother day to you.

  11. Nice bracelet and good opportunity to participate in this activity. Happy Mother's Day.

  12. Happy belated Mothers Day to you! Chloe's kindy seems have many activities for parents to join in the fun hor.

  13. very nice activities organised by the kindy!

    Happy Mother's Day to u :) ♥

  14. Chloe's kindie got heaps of interesting activities! And so nice, got bead braclet somemore.

  15. Hey~!! The bracelet is very nice lar(love the colour combination), it's understandable if Chloe didn't want to hand it to mommy, kiahahaa!

  16. Her kindy organised a lot of activities for their students n parents. Vy interesting.

  17. Chloe look so pretty in the first pic and I can't believe she was posing a fake smile:-)


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