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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Bout of Post-Holiday "Depression"

A few days after returning home from our trip to the east coast, I kept harping on these same old phrases, for DAYS...

- I miss the beach.
- I miss the hotel and the swimming pool but I don't miss the sun and the sand.
- I want to go for a holiday.
- I want to go to the beach again.
- I want to stay in a hotel again.
- I miss the hotel so much!
- I LOVE to stay in a hotel.
- I want to stay in a hotel forever and ever...


One morning, immediately after waking up from my sleep, I told mummy...

Me: Just now I dream. I dream I was in a candy beach.
Mummy: A what beach?
Me: Candy beach. The beach got lots of candies, lollipops and sweets...
Mummy: Ooh... that's a very sweet dream indeed.
Me: Can we go to the beach again?


On another note, mummy and daddy were relieved and overjoyed that I had "survived" more than 10 hours of journey (return trip plus sight-seeing) on the road without a single "spill" (vomiting due to my acute motion-sickness) in the car, thanks to the straight, good-condition of the roads and good company i.e. Koo-koo who kept playing with me and kept me well-entertained :)


  1. hahaha.....all about the beach. Quick bring her to PD over the weekends.

  2. mummy and daddy must 'sao dou'! Chloe, hope you have another vacation very soon! :P

    Yan Yan is like that too, she likes to stay in the hotel :P

  3. When Gwen is at home in KL, she never misses staying at our hotel in Jakarta. Maybe to her is like we went for a vacation gua..haha.

    More holidays like this are really fun not just for kids but for the mums too..hehe. Bring her to PD more often ya. :)

  4. haha good one Chloe. Kids like outing so much. Sometime my gal would ask me, mommy we go where? we go kai-kai ar? Sometime back to house after outing she will ask mommy can we go kai-kai again??

  5. My April also told me that she wants to have another stay in hotel. She said it is better to have 20days holiday, just staying hotel is good enough. Crazy or not? So, Aunty Yan has to work harder to earn more $$ for 20days holiday that April requests.

  6. candy beach! haha, that's so cute :-D. My kids too missed their hols, the chalet, the pool, the beach after their short vacation... but not until dreaming about it like Chloe! :-D

  7. Wah!! I also wanna go candy beach!! Even Main eat this young age, she likes to stay in hotel leh. She will roll on the bed while laughing her head off :P


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