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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brand New Look

In conjunction with my birthday month, my blog has been given a complete makeover (a very long-overdue one). A BIG THANKS to Koo-koo for designing the header for me.

Thank you very much again, Koo-koo!


  1. the header you are using is very unique. Make me feel "happy" looking at it. Happy Birthday Chloe :D

  2. No problem BB. Will try to come up with more designs so that you can keep changing when you feel like it :p

  3. Happy B'day Chloe.

    I've also wanted to change my header and blog template but always delay. So until today, still the same old boring page ;(

  4. Nice Header! i want koo-koo design for me too hahaha

  5. love the new look! i like her name on the sand wan. very nice!

  6. It is a very lovely and warm header, loving it!


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