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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prize Collection at Crafty-Crafted Studio

For the very first time in my life, I won a prize in a contest. It was the Playhouse Disney's Contest held by Crafty-Crafted a few months back. For the prize collection, all the three winners were invited to an arts and crafts session on the opening of Crafty-Crafted's Studio today.

The purple walls in this studio looked so familiar!

Sean, Krystal and I painting intently

I chose to make a bumble bee

Using a hair-dryer to speed up the drying process

Tada! Proudly showing off my Bumble Bee

With Krystal and her owl

Handsome Sean with his red crab

Now, what shall we do next?

The following photo was taken at home. Noticed the similar purple wall?

The prize... Playhouse Disney's goodie bag which consists of two aprons (for adult and child), two posters, stickers, a notebook and a Little Einstein audio CD (interactive activity).

This is my second surprise from Playhouse Disney this month. The first was being featured in their birthday book here.


  1. Your house also painted purple wall? haha~~

    Nice meeting you... :) Chloe is so beautiful..

    My son love the little Einstein CD so much...

  2. u know what...i was also invited wor..but i couldnt go cos i woke up 12pm++ :(

    Anyway if Philip goes, he will mess up the place...making it worst for Merryn :p

  3. bedroom wall also purple colour. hehe....

    So nice....the arts and crafts must be real fun!

    Congrats on the winning. The disney bag very nice.....My fav. colour.

  4. Congratulations!

    The bumble Bee looks so nice :D

  5. :D So same one the color of your wall and mine!

    Look at Krystal and her jeans! Gaya or what! lol...

  6. Oh dear, I should have show up... missed the chance to meet up with my fellow bloggers!^-^

    Have a nice day!

    p/s: Congratulation!

  7. That's a very nice bumble bee, you had fun meeting up with the other winners too! I love purple, that's my fav colour!

  8. Congrats! Wow..Chloe's bumble bee is really nice. My bedroom wall is purple too but very light purple.

  9. Congrats!!
    The bumble bee's so cute! ^^

  10. aiya! why come so late! scare to see uncle ke? dont worry uncle will not ask snack from you.

  11. she looks very concentrated while making the bumble bee. it turn out really nice ar :)


  12. Wow! Such a wonderful prize that you won in your birthday month. Congrats.


  14. nice hor. lets do this again soon!


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