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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cupcakes And Party Packs

Finally, my big day has arrived (well, almost... it's tomorrow *wink*). Mummy has planned a small birthday party in school for me tomorrow. She ordered some cute cupcakes for me (Sesame Street design chosen by me) and prepared some mini goodie-bags to be distributed to my classmates.

The Cupcakes

Daddy brought the cupcakes home when he came back from work today. Mummy and I were extremely thrilled to see this box of beauties...

Chocolate cupcakes with a few of the colourful Sesame Street gang

Cookie Monster


Big Bird

Happy me

Aren't they gorgeous? They smell really, really good too! Mummy ordered these awesome cuppies from White Daisy Cupcakes.

The Party Pack

A few days ago, mummy and I packed some party packs too...

Goodies for 14 kids

Some small toys and rainbow colour pencils...

Smiley-face stickers...

Raisins and a bit of candies... (mummy tried to minimize giving junk-food)

Mummy divided the goodies into seven groups (each bag was to have 7 items inside). She then taught me how to pick one item each and put it into the bag. I packed the party bags all by myself, under mummy's close supervision because I tend to pack two same items into one bag. Hmm...

Sshhh... please don't disturb. I don't want to lose count!

Tada... kau-tim (done)! Can't wait to give them to my friends!


  1. wah......... the cupcakes!!!!!! the teachers will surely go WOW! very nice of ur mommy.. :)

  2. Happy birthday, chloe jie jie...but why hor, that day gor gor bring back the goody bag, left out some of the items der??? chloe jie jie salah kira izzit???kekekeke

  3. Merryn: Mummy everything oso dunno how to make. Had to seek help from a professional :p

    Smallkucing: Thank you!

    Iyson: Ssshhh! Your gor-gor's goody bag is different lah. Didn't you notice that he got something else that are not here? :p

  4. the cupcakes are very nice! I like it! She looks sooooo happy ya! Happy birthday to Chloe!

  5. wah... 1 year older! uncle wish you happy birthday and all wishes come true. Dont eat too much sweets - else not more teeth (not good for taking photos)

    nice cake.

  6. Happy Birthday to Chloe! The cupcakes are very neat. Hope Chloe have a wonderful birthday ya. :)

  7. woahhhhh! thats a lot of goodies in the bag! look at the cute cupcakes !!!!


  8. wow... the cupcake so cute .... :P & the goodies bags got alot of nice nice things .. :P

    hapy 4th brithday to ur princess :P

  9. Nice and cute cupcakes, I like the cookie monster most. Wish you have a great birthday party at school. Have Fun!!

  10. Very nice party goodies that your mother has prepared for you to give to your friends. Your cupcakes were really impressive and beautiful.

  11. Happy B'day Chloe !!!

    The cupcakes really beautiful!!! How to eat? haha....

    So nice of mummy to prepare the goodie bags for your friends. Am sure all of them will be thrilled.

  12. Thanks everyone for the wishes! Mummy prepared the goodie bags because earlier, I also brought home a few... my turn to give some back to them lor :)

  13. Baby erynn wants to go to your party too...:) happy birthday!:)

  14. Wow..the cakes are so reluctant to eat LOL!!!

  15. much fun. i bet all of you had loads of fun today :D the cuppies are real nice.

  16. yeah man, super cute cupcakes. eh is this the lady i told u about, her hubs working in my co wan. yoooor nice goody bag, can i have one pls. hehehe...


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