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Friday, September 3, 2010

Bad English

Last week, we had a rare treat. It was a weekday dinner at Pizza Hut. Mummy had to ponteng cooking because being a klutz in the kitchen, she kept "cutting" and "slicing" her fingers with the cleaver almost every other day :( The last "injury" was this deep, painful (and bleeding) gash on her index finger which made her quit cooking on that day.

Ok back to the pizza. The meal was great. I had 2 slices of pizza, some spaghetti, a piece of garlic bread, a bit of creamy mushroom soup, some Milo and a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. Mummy ordered a Kiddy Meal for me, which came with a fun pack...

Stickers, a small box of crayons and a Kid's Teasers booklet

While browsing through the Kid's Teasers booklet, mummy kept shaking her head in dismay. 3 out of the 6 pages had grammatical errors in them...

Bad English 1... Can you understand this?

Bad English 2... Start to calculating?

Bad English 3... They seriously need an editor/proof-reader!

Mummy was appalled by the sub-standard English used by such a large and reputable pizza chain. How can this be? Hmm...


  1. Mommy...what happen? something in your mind is it? Hope no more slicing fingers ya.

  2. BE 1 : *faint*

    BE 2 : *double faint*

    BE 3 : No eye see

    Mummy, careful! I am very scared of cuts :S

  3. Mummy Chloe, I have something in mind, but if I start commenting, people will think that I am racist. Sensitive issue now. Sigh....even a famous and senior lawyer in our country also speak lousy English. Hope you know who I refer to.

  4. Hope your finger is getting fine now...

    So many grammers error....need a tutor for such big company.

  5. eeks.. we got that book few months back. just did without reading the instructions :D so did not notice any grammar error oso :P

  6. Mummy, I also cut my finger few days ago (was in deep thought..cheh wah). Must have a clear mind when doing all the slicing. Hope your wound heal soon.

    Long time never eat at Pizza Hut already coz their service is bad.

  7. Go write a letter of complain to pizza hut and see how's their feedback.... These errors shouldn't be happening with such a reputable company...

    Speed healing to your cuts... and please be carefull next time, ok.

  8. Hmm.. no comment =_=

    And mummy Chloe, please be careful when you do your cooking next time!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Ouch... it must be drop dead painful for mommy, you gonna chant some 'kiss kiss' magic on her finger to make her feel better(wink)!

    Wow... I don't know Pizza Hut offers kids' meal, kiahahaha... funny english, atleast auntie had a good laugh!^-^

    Happy Sunday!

  11. me too, din know anything about their kid meal and these free stuffs. hehe....u din feedback the wrong grammer to them ah?

  12. hahah... shake head...
    b careful la chloe mommy.. hope wound heal soon..

  13. haha no QC to check on it kuar.
    Oh be careful ya mommy, hope no more injury happen.

  14. They weren't consistent too... "The Calculating Pizza." heading has a full-stop at the end while the others did not. Editor's nightmare...

  15. aiyoh! hope your mummy feeling a lot better lah!!! must be painful!!



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