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Saturday, October 30, 2010

2nd Parents-Teachers Conference

Today, daddy and mummy met my teacher (Ms J, who is also the school principal) to discuss about my performance in school. Being extremely shy, quiet and timid was my main issue in the first semester. According to my teacher, I have improved quite a bit in my social skills. While I scored mostly 1s and 2s in this area in the first semester, the second semester saw me scoring more 3s and 4s. I play and communicate well with my friends.

Ms J also commented that I am a clever girl and I am good in my studies. I learn and grasp new ideas rather quickly and easily.

A simple assessment... I didn't score full marks but daddy and mummy are still very proud of my achievement :)

My class teacher, Miss E's comment: This cute girl is slowly blossoming and is now not as shy compared to before. Ruoyi is a very smart little girl who is a keen learner. Very often she observes the teacher very intently during Circle Time and responds correctly when she is questioned about the topic taught. Ruoyi is a diligent child who loves working meticulously on her books. Well done, Ruoyi.

Mummy noticed something "not very right" in my personal particulars section of my report card. While I have grown 4cm taller, I also lost 1kg of weight! Hmm... how is this possible? Am I getting thinner?

As for my attendance, I skipped a total of 8 days of classes in the whole academic year (ponteng-ed 2 days to go to HK Disneyland and the rest of the 6 days were spent recuperating from mild cough and cold on a few occasions). Not too bad, eh?

After that, we headed to Ikea/Ikano/The Curve and spent nearly 11 hours shopping and dining as usual...

Breakfast and playtime in Ikea


  1. Awesome girl, you did it very well. Keep it up.

  2. Good job.. gambateh ya!!
    All the best to you...

  3. possible that she lost weight also. Got weight again?

  4. 11 HOURS!!!!!!! until they close shop ar...tsk tsk tsk. must reduce ok. otherwise may indirectly tell Chloe that late nights r OK..."hey yeah kai"

  5. Well done, Chloe! Aunty also very proud of you. Wow..mostly full girl. Keep it up, Chloe! You deserve all the long hours of kai kai..hehe.

  6. Good Job, Chloe!! You have made your mummy and daddy proud.. :)
    Shopping marathon again?? :)

  7. Well done Chloe!

    Btw, with mummy's so healthy meals everyday how is it possible to loss 1 kg of weight??? Ask mummy to weight you again.

  8. Chloe is very tall. 113 cm at 4 years old. From the pictures, Chloe looked petite. Well done Chloe.

  9. Well done, Chloe! My boy oso lost a kg in the 2nd sem (now oni 15kg). :(

  10. Chloe is shy in the class, I cant believe it.
    She looks so cheeky and happy in your blog pictures.


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