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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buffet Lunch at Genji, PJ Hilton

We went to the Genji Japanese Restaurant in PJ Hilton for lunch today.


The ambience of the restaurant and the dessert spread

Let's dig in... enjoying my sushi, yum-yum!

I'm not a very keen eater. I didn't eat much except for a few pieces of sushi, some fish fillet, a few prawn tempura (minus the greasy fried batter, which I did not like) a glass of jelly, a few bites of cakes and of course, my favourite....

... carrot sticks!!

Desserts... my favourite!

Both daddy and mummy ate reeeaaaally slowly (savouring the food ma). I started getting restless from the second hour onwards and kept hurrying them to finish off whatever they had on their plates. I also kept asking funny questions like "Why is daddy sooooo hungry?" to pleading "Can you please don't eat anymore, mummy?" Haha.

Hurry up, folks! I can't sit another minute!

Here are some (just SOME) of the stuff that we had...

It was a very satisfying meal that lasted about 2.5 hours (11:45am to 2:15pm)! And best of all, it was FREE...

It was actually "prepaid" when daddy bought the hotel package earlier


  1. Kiahahahah! Free meals are the best, esoecially if it's really good!^-^

    Hrm... can't really make any comment on Chloe, as I also have a picky eater in the house. ;p

    The psread of desserts look very appetizing! I'm drooling for it now, haha! have a nice day!

  2. I'm drooling at those ice cream and cakes! :0
    I'd slowly enjoy the food if I have the chance...

  3. TWO HOURS+.... you guys really very good at enjoying good foods... :)
    Poor chloe had to wait very patiently for mummy and daddy....

  4. to add back the missing 1kg is it?

  5. Ya it's worth and nice buffet at Genji. I love it. Oh nice package that guests able to choose restaurant between their 2 hotels.

  6. Wah..."lau hau sui" already here. I think Chloe ate quite a bit..not bad. Gwen loves raw salmon...luckily not like daddy..doesn't like Japanese food at all.

  7. I thought when you said her favourite was ICE CREAM (turned out to be carrot stick)! hahaha.....Chloe is so healthy.

  8. Free meals is always the best....
    FOr me,while eating buffet meal, I will also sat there for at least 2 slowly and enjoy my food.

  9. shioooooooooooooook nyer! hungry, hungry!

  10. So much food for free? this is great!

  11. Aiyoyoh... the sushi really make me drools lah!! 2.5hours meal can really eat a lot leh...

  12. My eyes were attracted by the fruit dessert. In fact all the food were so nice. Wish to go there one day.


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