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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are You Going to Buy PEZ For Me?

That's how I kept reminding mummy every time we went shopping.

It all started when we watched E.T on HBO a few weeks ago. In the movie, the boy protagonist, Elliott, offered some PEZ candies to E.T. It was then that mummy remembered she had a PEZ candy dispenser tucked away somewhere at home.

When she showed it to me, it was love at first sight for me. (Mummy had one when she was a little kid too. This candy dispenser was actually invented by an Austrian confectioner in 1927!)

For days (almost a week), I kept holding on to mummy's Pink Panther PEZ candy dispenser

As usual, I even went to bed with it haha!

Mummy promised to buy one for me if I did my writing. After searching high and low for it, she finally found it in Cold Storage. She bought it discreetly and gave it to me as a surprise later.

My very own Goofy PEZ candy dispenser

I love it!

Needless to say, I was very, very happy. Mummy kept Goofy in the fridge and I'm only allowed to have one candy a day. Mummy has this motto "Eat lots of healthy food, can eat a bit of junk food" haha.

Just tilt Goofy's head like this to dispense a candy

Goofy and Pink Panther... can they be good friends?

And as usual (again), after eating a candy, I would go to the bathroom without being told and spend at least 10 minutes there. What can you do in a bathroom for 10 minutes?

Brush teeth and waste play with water, of course!


  1. PEZ candy dispenser looked cool, i believe my girls will like it too. Chloe is really a good child, brushing teeth after taking candy.

  2. I love the candy dispenser but I don't really like PEZ candy thou, taste weird >< hahaha
    Good, brush your teeth after eat candy, so you'll have a good teeth ^0^

  3. PEZ? really jakun. Havent notice this before. During auntie time auntie only have tictac and the yellow orage sweet with sour middle. Forgot the name .

  4. wow...very nice candy dispenser..never saw it before.

  5. Ha ha ha, holding favourite toy while sleeping!

  6. The candy dispenser is cute!
    And you did a good practice, brushing your teeth thoroughly~

  7. Aah...brings back memories..So nostalgic..this PEZ! I used to love it when I was a kid too.

    I saw somewhere selling alot of it...some time back...can't remember where...

    So cute that Chloe is so particular abt her oral hygiene. I have to drag Ryan to the toilet to brush his teeth.

  8. hehe.. I have a Patrick Starfish that my friend gave me (he kept the Spongebob one). Only used once for the candy (dun really like the candy) and Patrick is now standing on my Hifi.. for deco :p

  9. Chloe looks superb happy to receive Goofy's PEZ candy dispenser. Since xmas is approaching, I could use this as my children's present ;)

  10. I also dont know about this PEZ candy. Chloe is such a good girl..brush her own teeth after eating candy.

  11. Lovely candy dispensers, you are one very lucky girl! I see most your wishes will come true, better start to think of something for this coming Christmas liao, ho ho ho!

  12. I don't know got such candy dispenser lah... cool! Wah, mummy.. you keep your childhood PEZ till now ah?

  13. Serene, no lah. My childhood one dunno hilang to where already :p I bought that Pink Panther many years ago, in my early working years, I think :)

  14. now i also jakun, din know such thing exist, cute! omg, she brushes her teeth each time she eats a candy? tell me woman, how to u train her up!!!! *tabik*

  15. Is Goofy her fav character? Or there wasn't much choice at CS? :D
    Wow... she has vy good oral hygiene. Good girl!

  16. Din know got such candies dispenser. haha....

    Good girl..she brushed her teeth after candies. Keep it up!


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