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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Hotel Stay, A Fever and A Movie

Last Sunday, we went to the PGH for a 2D1N stay again. It was probably my 7th or 8th time there, so no details in this post. This time, we went with Mah-mah, Yeh-yeh, Koo-ma and Hayley jie-jie.

Christmas deco near the Grand Salon

Fooling around at the lounge while waiting for our guests' arrival

The nice view from the balcony of our room

After checking-in and putting down our stuff, we went to Seri Kembangan for lunch. We had "paper-wrapped chicken", yong tau foo, noodles and a few dishes with rice at a restaurant near the MINES.

With Hayley jie-jie after our full and satisfying lunch *burp*

After lunch, at about 3pm+, we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan for some shopping. By the time we returned to the hotel, it was already 6pm+. It was too late to go swimming because the swimming pool closes at 7pm. Therefore, we played bubbles in the balcony.

Fun, fun bubbles! I enjoyed popping them with my hands as much as I enjoyed blowing them

We had a simple "tapau-ed" dinner in the room... an assortment of bread, pizzas, buns, muffins, fruits and tidbits. Earlier, at the bakery (Jusco's La Boheme), I was attracted to the Christmas muffins and kept pestering mummy to buy it for me. I ate the whole muffin on my own and tried to eat the cute figurine too but couldn't sink my teeth into it. I told mummy "It's as hard as a rock!" Hahaha.

Cranberry muffin with cute snowman for me and orange poppy seed muffin with Santa for Hayley jie-jie

The following day, we went swimming in the morning. Mummy gave me a limited swimming time of only 15 minutes but it was extended to nearly an hour!

15 minutes? See, my hair is not even wet yet!

That very night, while cuddling me as usual, mummy felt that my body was unusually warm. A check with the ear thermometer revealed that I was indeed feverish. 2 weeks ago, after swimming in PD, I was down with a bad cough (that self-recovered within a few days without any medications) and now this. Sigh...

This is how you do it... I know how to use a thermometer

I had a mild fever

I haven't had fever in a very long time. The last was 19 months ago in May 2009. Luckily the paracetamol syrup that we have in the fridge is unopened and only expires next year. After taking just one dose of it, the fever subsided, just before bedtime. Phew!

The next morning (Tuesday, a public holiday), I woke up feeling fine. Daddy and mummy carried on with their plan to watch Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale. We went to the Cathay cinema in e@Curve and watched a morning matinée.

The outcome: I cried again. The last time I watched Rapunzel, the Barbie version, I cried too. I didn't like Gothel, Rapunzel's evil "mummy". I was terrified of her! Everytime Gothel appeared, I would sob silently while squeezing and holding on tight to mummy's hand. Because of Gothel, I did not enjoy the movie. I did not like the movie at all.

Anyway, mummy bought a Rapunzel souvenir for me (for herself actually haha)... a reusable shopping bag from Tesco because it's pretty in pink.

Sweet, right?


  1. what a fun weekend you had Chloe!! I'm sure you felt happy for it. Indeed, I agree with you that Rapunzel evil mommy was so scary >< I didn't like her too.. But you love Rapunzel princess right? ^^
    Do you like swimming? Jie-jie loves swimming too, jie-jie swims everyday ;D Too bad you got a mild fever, be a strong girl Chloe ;)
    Have a nice day!

    PS: Your cupcake looked great!!yumm

  2. Looks like Chloe's immunity sys is vy strong. Guess her slightly hi temp is becoz of over-playing, n not due to sickness.

  3. muffins? Next time get from Cynthia. Tarak hard as a rock one. feverish ah? Auntie also :(

    Nice or not the YTF at Leong Ya. If u go further in S.Kembangan there is 1 very nice Fatty Chicken Rice :D

  4. What a nice outing.. again... :)
    Ziyi also sobs secretly when watching the barbie rapunzel, everytime....

  5. pssst...i cried too after watching Rapunzel. luckily Ashley didn't see me or else she'll be asking in a loud enough voice for everyone to hear :D i like the bag :)

  6. Ohhh... that x mas muffin! Luckily I didn't buy that for Juan Juan(as she pestered me to buy for her the other day, but she settled for a frosty donut for exchange), phew~!

    Hay fever... luckily she has back to her usual self now! We are going for the Repunzel this weekend, hope Juan Juan will love it!^-^

  7. wah... holiday in hotel again ah... this weekend how? ehehhee...

  8. yeah man, princess chloe immune system mmg strong!! har, cried watching rapunzel ar, evil step mom, aiyo, but very nice movie rite?

    love the bag!

  9. 19mths never get fever, wah very healthy and strong immune system. Glad she is recovered and able to enjoy the weekend.

  10. Wow..stayed at PGH again..sooo nice. 15 minutes swimming time mana cukup..hehe.

    Chloe recovered very fast from her fever. She is a strong girl.

    We watched Rapunzel too last Saturday. When I ask Gwen what was the movie about, Gwen said "don't know"..*slap forehead* -___- Chloe is very smart lor...sigh my Gwen really haiya don't know what to say...LOL.

  11. So how are you feeling now Chloe? Hope you're alright..
    Yep, the bag is sweet and lovely!

  12. i think u got too many recyclable bag jor.. instead put ur shopping money to the malls..give me can or not

  13. I must say this... Chloe has very strong immune system! Good good, keep it that way :-D.

    i cried too when I watched Rapunzel... not from fear, but was really touched by some of the scenes.

  14. yeah, i was attracted by the Tesco Rapunzel bag and bought 1 too.

  15. Hi there, thanks for dropping by my humble blog :)

    Not only Chloe is afraid of Mother Gothel, my little girl too dislikes her. She's dressed in black and looks very mean :(

    Btw, love that Tesco recycle bag with beautiful Rapunzel pic.

  16. There was a Rapunzel Barbie version also. I didn't know that. I guess Mother Gothel was quite scary. Thanks goodness, my girls weren't that afraid.

  17. Wow! Always go for hotel stay! Lucky you!


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