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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Happy Friday

I have been looking forward to today because I could finally wear my new cheong-sam to school! All the kids at school were encouraged to be dressed in Chinese costumes today. I wore the blue one and kept the pink one for the first day of CNY.

Chinese New Year celebration at school

Among the activities planned for the day were assembly, singing, dancing, "cooking" and a mini reunion feast.

Singing some action songs

While I enjoyed playing and dancing with the lion-dance costume last year, I refused to touch it today. When mummy asked why, I said I was shy. Hmm....

Just watched from afar

I brought home a goodie bag (with mini tangerines, jellies, sweets and rice crackers), three CNY cards and a red packet filled with "gold coin" chocolates. I also made two lanterns earlier (hung and displayed in mummy's car)

Back home, after lunch, I pestered mummy to do this with me (been pestering her for weeks!)...

Mummy bought this during the Christmas clearance last month

Mummy pre-baked the cookies yesterday

Colourful candies! (for playing, not for eating)

Let the fun begin!

Here are my masterpieces, done with mummy's help, of course.

Nice to look at but too sweet and colourful for consumption

We didn't eat these at all but I did try one un-decorated one and found it yummy, surprisingly. It was very spice-y and cinnamon-y.


  1. aww..Chloe's school is so much fun. I wish Ashley's school has a cny attire day. the teddy gingies look so cute :) Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

  2. Beautifully decorated gingerbread teddies! Thumbs up for both Chloe and mommy! So nice the her kindy allowed you to snap pictures, Juan Juan's one so 'Kia Si' and never allow that.

    Wishing you and your lovely family a prosperous CNY!

    p/s: Where did you bought the animals wall stickers(in your last post)?

  3. I can see all the kids wearing their Chinese costumes, so adorable!
    Hey, wishing you and family, a happy chinese new year ya!

  4. so sayang not to eat leh.... looks appetising and yummy... :)

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family...

  5. Those cookies are decorated so nicely and looks delicious for consumption :)

    Hmm.. they had CNY celebration at school, how enjoyable! I wish my girl's school organize such festive too!

    Gong Xi Fa Chai to Chloe and family...

  6. Ai ya.. missed the fun. But just now at the supermarket, also saw them sell similar biscuit but decorated to CNY theme wor. Gingerbread man/girl wearing cheong sam :p

  7. It was a very good program in Chloe's school. The decor on the cookies are very wonderful too.

  8. About the wall stickers, thanks with regards! I especially love the design on your wall.^-^

    LOL, it seems we kind of have fate(literally met twice already)! I'm sure there will be third time, see you then!;D

  9. Haha..gingerbread teddies for CNY?
    Hmm..indeed a good idea. Nice decor on the cookies, very creative.

  10. Btw..Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!

  11. Ya lor..Chloe's school had a great CNY celebration. Gwen had CNY celebration at school today. No cheongsam coz all cheongsams in KL...hehe. Just wore red baju lah.

  12. Very cute but the color & sugar consumption is a lot. haha she could not resist it huh but still she eat without those decorate. If my C sure will wallap all wahaha.

  13. Happy CNY Chloe, you look beautiful in that cheongsam! ;)
    Yes, I agree, the cookies look cute but I think they're too sweet and colorful ;D

  14. My kiddos didn't have cny celebration in school, which is a shame. Chloe looks so pretty in her cheongsam :-). And the cookies are very well-decorated. Look too pretty to eat actually :-).

    CNY last for 15 days, so here's wishing Chloe, Mummy and Daddy a very happy, prosperous and healthy Rabbit year!

  15. The cookies r too cute to be eaten. Btw, how do u keep the decorated teddies? Which won't attract ants. And if throw away, so sayang, rite?

  16. Slavemom: I did not keep the decorated teddies at all. After snapping pics of them, terus stripped them naked (removed the colourful candies) and ate the cookies. I kept some leftover cookies in the fridge. That's all :)


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