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Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY 2011

Here's a summary of what happened during our blog break from CNY eve to the end of our holiday yesterday (Sunday). I was back at school today.

One week prior to CNY, mummy has been busy washing, cleaning, wiping, scrubbing, polishing, you name it. In between all that, she even managed to squeeze in some time to bake some rabbit-shaped Horlicks-butter cookies (with the help of Koo-koo and daddy. Yes, daddy!)

Bunny cookies

Besides having new clothes to last almost a week, mummy also ensured that I had a new set of bedsheet to sleep on :)

Hello Kitty bedsheet redeemed FREE from Cosway, just like last year

For the first time in our lives (including daddy and mummy's), we had our reunion dinner outside home... in a pre-booked restaurant. We had a Chinese 8-course set meal.

I love to toss the yee-sang but dislike eating it, except for the bits and pieces of crunchy crackers

CNY Day 1

We spent the whole day at Mah-mah's house. We went there quite early in the morning and by the time we came home at night, it was bedtime already (Mah-mah's house is only 5 mins' drive away).

I spent most of the time playing beads (something like the Pyssla Beads) with Hayley jie-jie

And blowing lots and lots of "bubble balloons"

I was also a good and cooperative model to Koo-koo, who snapped many, many photos of me...

Macam-macam poses!

CNY Day 2

After lunch in Mah-mah's house, we took a slow drive back to mummy's kampung in Seremban. Gung-gung surprised me with a new toy... a bop-bag (bu-dao-ung).

Pump, pump, pump... *sweats* the thing is HUGE!

Heeeeeyaaaa! It was good as a punching bag...

... and as a bouncy "banana boat"

Wearing a pomelo hat hehehe

There was a family dinner in 5th Yee-por's house. As usual, I had a whale of a time playing with cousin ZK.

With cousin ZK, one of my best friends

Throughout the festive food galore, I was only interested in three things. I ate and drank almost nothing else (meals excluded) except...

Wintermelon drink (I called it "cucumber juice" hahaha!) arrowhead chips and prawn crackers


  1. Happy New Year to you, YH n Chloe.
    Should we drop by ur place???? ehehhehe j/k

    We also ate out and i will blog about later cos there is a strict schedule we have to follow, in n out of the restaurant..ahhahaha

  2. gong xi gong xi. the bunny cookies are so cute. we always eat out during cny eve :) less stress..hehehhee

  3. Happy bunny year, Chloe! I like your sexy pose with the cheongsam slit up high *wink*

    I prefer to dine out during CNY eve, but in-laws insist to cook... I'm kinda paiseh because do nothing :p only eat.

  4. wow.. lovely dress... so cute and nice..

  5. Happy Chinese New Year to you Chloe. :D

  6. Happy CNY to you and your family.....
    We are having in-house steamboat from CNY eve until now....

  7. My girls too like the packet drinks, prawn crackers and Ngar Koo Pien. Now I see Chloe wearing cheongsam, I was regret not getting any for my girls this year.

  8. Kong Hei Fatt Choy!! Chloe is super cute with all the poses. Can be model :)

  9. Hey, happy YanYat to you !!
    Chloe is such a photogenic girl...
    aunty shares a same interest with you.... love love love yr hello kitty bedsheet & curtain *paiseh*
    gong xi fa cai :D

  10. Gong Xi Gong Xi...

    Chloe looks so pretty in her CNY dress.

  11. Happy new year to you!
    The bunny cookies look cute~

  12. Gong Xi Fa Cai...lately she can pose so well in front of camera.

  13. Want to try baking the horlick cookies one day... when my oven got fixed, that is. I read the recipe from your previous post, sounds healthy enough huh. My kids love arrowroot chips and prawn crackers too. and kuih kapet too :-).

  14. LOL, Juan Juan also called the winter melon as cucumber juice leh!! Lovely bunny Horlick cookies, I wish I can make some with Juan Juan!^-^

  15. keong hee fatt cai lil chloe, i love ur bedsheet, can i come sleepover? hahaha... those cute bunnies cookies! and u look pweeeetty in ur cheongsam! hugs!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Happy CNY to you Chloe, is me again... the mommy of another Chloe! LOL.
    well, I dont have any blog about my Chloe yet mayb one day i will create one for her!
    Btw, I think I know your Hayley jie-jie cos I am the friend of her Mom-Casey. :D

  18. Nice photos, your mummy are so good, and take a lot of money every moment every time :)

    the bunny cookies look nice.

  19. Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Your Mummy is really awesome. Love your photos and you look pretty in your cheongsam. :)

  20. Waw Chloe you're so good in posing ;D Beautiful girl with many mimics, how lovely >,<
    And the bunny cookiessss, omg omg omg, so cute, I would totally mind to eat that, so sayang hahaha

  21. Xin Nian Kuai Le to u and ur family, Chloe! U sure hv loads of fun this CNY. Eat chips n crackers n drink "cucumber juice" to ur heart's content huh. ;)


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