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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet Valentine

Mummy, how do you spell "love"?... How do you spell "daddy"?... How do you spell "mummy"?

It was after being my spelling-assistant that mummy realized I was making something special for her and daddy...

A Valentine's Day card... 100% self-made (except for the help in spelling)

Mummy was rather surprised that I knew what Valentine's Day was. I must have learned about it in school. She was even more surprised that I made the card all by myself. The heart shape was drawn on another piece of paper, coloured, cut out and pasted on the white "card" using four strips of cellophane tape.

Although the card looked very plain and simple, both daddy and mummy cherished it like it was a piece of precious stone. Daddy even slipped it into his work bag and brought it to his office haha!

I have been doing a lot of paper-cutting lately. Unfortunately, mummy has been too busy to supervise me (or even notice me) until a few days ago. What she saw shocked her and also tickled her at the same time...

This is how I hold the scissors!

Like this also can cut?

Yes, it's funny but true... I can cut very well like this. When changed into the correct and proper way, I just can't do it! I hope it's not too late to change now...


  1. Aiyo! First time I see ppl hold scissors like that! :D

    I like your Valentine's card, simple and nice. Daddy must be beaming in office :)

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  3. I almost forgot about valentine day until I read yours.

  4. A simple but a warm valentine's day card ;)
    Good job Chloe~

  5. sweet. hmm...Ashley also holds the scissors this way but she couldn't cut anything. it is so difficult to cut while holding it like this and yet Chloe managed to do it. Well done :)

  6. such a sweet girl..... no wonder daddy's & mummy's hearts are melted.

  7. Opps she cut through the star! Muahahaha but she is indeed a very wonderful girl! You heart must have melted when she handed you the card, how sweet!^-^

  8. yeah man, daddy sure kenot stop smiling one, sweeeeeeeeeet! the way she holds the scissors, as long she can cut, ok ler, haha!

  9. Aiyo she is so lovely, nice 100% own made card from her. Try get a small scissor for her, she shall able to do it better. A medium scissor still consider big for my gal, so I got my her a smaller scissor which perfectly fit her tiny hand. Good to train her fine motor and eye-hand coordination.

  10. I was so touched. Very nice card!!!

    Btw, XJ have the same dress (same color) too! My mum bought it from Tesco. Very cheap too!

  11. Alice Law: Actually she didn't cut through the star, it was just the angle :)

    Vicky: The scissors that she's using now is the right size... not too big. She is doing very well in getting used to the correct way now :)

    mnhl: Yeah, the blouse is too cheap to resist... only RM2.30! Great for homewear hor? ;)

  12. Of course...I wan the angpow packet...are they from bank and companies...I only collected those with brand.
    Can I have your email I can PM u my add? Thanks..

  13. Aww...Chloe is so sweet. Gwen can hold the scissors quite well but she can't cut that well. I'm impressed Chloe can cut that way..clever girl.

  14. Wow that's a very sweet of you Chloe! Mummy and Daddy must be so proud of u ;D
    It's simple but meaningful action right ^^
    Uh-oh the way u cut something >,< should change that habit *_*

  15. girl also hold scissor the same way..

    Aww...such a sweetheart...Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. The heart shape is cut out vy nicely. Well done, Chloe, on the lovely card! And how come she used cellophane tape to stick the heart? Usually they'll use glue, no? Like their work in sch?

  17. Romba's sister u didnt get? that one mop the floor one..


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