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Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Happenings Over the Weekend

The Chapati Girl
On Saturday, after scouting around for a "maid" to help mummy with the daily floor-cleaning chore, we had lunch in an Indian restaurant. As usual, I ordered my FAVOURITE... the chapati. It used to be roti canai long ago but ever since I had my first taste of this dry, bland and healthier "cousin" of the roti, there has been no turning back.

Savouring my "appetizer", the crunchy papadam (daddy and mummy had banana-leaf rice so there was a free flow of papadams for me... yay!)

Mmmmmm... can't wait to dig in!

Eat and play... I made a rabbit and kept telling mummy to look

The Sheep Meadow
On Sunday afternoon, I complained to mummy "Mummy, you forgot about my arts and crafts on Friday! You didn't keep your promise. Hmmph!" Mummy quickly brought out all the necessary "trash" and did this for with me...

A very simple sheep meadow made with cereal box, used baran (decorative grass strips for take-away sushi) and foam nets. I coloured the grass with crayon on a piece of white paper and glued the foam nets on the sides to make the fence.

Mummy was supposed to make Papa and Mama sheep using polystyrene but she had to abandon the idea after she (struggled and) failed to come up with one. So who/what protected the little lambs when the Big Bad Wolf came? The coconut tree that I made in school last week haha...

Here comes the Big Bad Wolf. Help!

I enjoyed playing with it, simulating the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The Patient Girl
I have been extremely patient lately, especially while playing with this toy...

This is my latest love... building blocks.

Mummy noticed that I could sit quietly (without grumbling or giving up) for more than one hour trying to solve the puzzle of building a cube!

I'm almost there... fitting every block into this box may look easy but it is not!

I did it!!! My victorious smile says it all :)

Another craze to hit our home is the UNO card game. I love this game very much and have been pestering mummy to play with me almost every minute!

Mummy, please, please, please.... play with me...

I am getting quite good at it and even won the game a few times while playing with daddy and mummy yesterday (with a bit of help, hint and luck, of course haha).

The Sushi Girl
We had sushi for dinner on Sunday after an unsuccessful trip to the park (it was raining). Actually daddy and mummy wanted to have another round of the mini Yee-Sang in Sushi King before the promotion ends at the end of the month. I am beginning to love sushi and can eat quite a lot!

Enjoying my meal

The Playful Girl
Just some cute and silly pics of me in a shop...

I love fooling around like this :p

The "Maid"
And finally, the search for our "maid" is over. Mummy "employed" this smart, diligent, reliable, no-talking-back, no-bad-habits, no-sour-face helper to help out in the Floor Department of our home...

Meet Roomba, the new addition to our family

With Roomba around, I now have a new pet toy while mummy has a domestic helper and daddy... err... well, daddy has a small hole in his pocket hahaha!


  1. Wow, the Roomba looks interesting! Is it expensive?
    Oh by the way, Happy Valentine's Day to you ya!!

  2. wei...wat about your pet in the fridge ah?

    Ask your Mommy to order Roti Tisu for you next time

  3. Haha..i was wondering what 'maid' you were talking about in the beginning!

    Yeah capati is a healthy less oily snack for kids. Good to see Chloe
    appreciating it.

  4. HIGH 5 Chloe, Chapati is aunty's all time favourite Indian food! I love your little meadow, how creative your mommy( I love especially the palm tree)!

    Wishing your mommy and daddy a beautiful Valentine!

  5. What a fruitful weekend ^^
    Oh, I know that chapati but I never taste it *_* I don't quite like Indian food except for its canai of course hehe
    Wow, the art you've made is sooo cute, simple but great idea ^0^
    Oh, I also like the Pooh glasses, so cute xD
    Happy Valentine Aunty and Chloe ;)

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to Mummy and Daddy..and Chloe too!

    Chloe is a good girl. She's not a fussy eater lor. Next time I will order chapati for Gwen see whether she likes it or not.

    Does the "maid" really helps? I may consider purchasing one too..hehe..I mean for my house in KL lah.

  7. Chloe is very very pretty! and da mommy so rajin lah, with the craft and all :D

  8. So patient.. yes, your girl is very adorable too!

  9. Yan Yan also likes sushi now :)

    I loves the playful girl pics , so cute .

  10. Did you give the robot "maid" a name? Julian did when we got ours :o)

  11. hey, mommy naughty naughy, hav tattoo.
    love ur art n craft la, so creative.
    great job chloe, u r so patient. my yinyue cannot ler. she is extremely impatient girl. daddy always said wan to train her to b more patient. but duno how.
    even mommy duno how to play uno. so guess, no uno game in my house. hahahhaa...
    yeah yeah, i love sushi too. yesterday baru mommy said y not make some sushi since we have wasabi in the fridge. :P hope its not too difficult to make.
    how's the maid doing?

  12. Chloe is very photogenic, she looks very cute in every photos taken. Her weekends activities are so fruitful. No wonder she is so cheerish. Btw, we also employed this floor domestic helper three years ago. was fun initially and Shenny like to chase after it or sit on sofa to see it works. However, since mommy took over domestic duty from papa,it is stationed in our store-room now.

  13. Chloe is so cute in every single photo and I could see she has variety of beautiful clothes. I personally like the colorful polka dots one when she was enjoying her sushi :)

    I bet Roomba works wonder under Floor Department. Maybe it's time for me to employ Roomba's cousin to work in my house too.

    For you comments in my entry, my birthday falls on Dec.... but my hubb delayed my pressie until Feb, haha!

  14. So sweet...I love Chloe's sweet smiles..

  15. The building blocks puzzle looks complicated. Good job, Chloe!
    Wah, she knows how to play Uno? She can u/std n follow the rules? Smart gal!

  16. I like the first picture of Chloe, her eyes are sparkling bright. Thanks for your reminder for not taking someone for granted. I appreciate.

  17. Your weekend is full-filled and fun-filled..

  18. Sounds like a fun weekend! The first photo of her is really nice - so pretty and sweet :)

  19. Mummy is so creative. Loved all the art n craft. Sometimes, I curi-curi your mummy idea, hehehe!! I loved the litle meadow - simple and nice. You can really know how to recycle stuff into fantastic stuff for Chloe and I suppose all of you enjoyed very much. I jealous.

  20. I've heard about the i-robot....but never seen one before. Your new robot maid must be such a joy! Like how you put true! Chloe looks very pretty in the first pic:)

  21. i thot u getting a part time maid, a human! skali see roomba la pulak! haha... shiok lah!

  22. hehe.. so now the big bad wolf can visit the 'bunnies' house'? :p

  23. Chloe's smile is so sweet.

    MIL invested in this 'maid' 2 years ago and now laying in the store room. It is not really that helpful. Maybe we don't know how to operates it. hmmm.......


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