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Monday, February 28, 2011

I Will Pay It With My Angpau Money

It's that time of the year again... ang-pau money-counting after CNY. This year, I did not get a lot of ang-paus because we did not go visiting at all (besides going back to Mah-Mah and Ah Ma's house).

As usual, I would arrange my collection nicely on the floor and pose with it...

Not all are mine. Some are daddy and mummy's but all are given to me. Yes, they are still RECEIVING despite their ripe, old age and "unqualified status" :p

Here are some of the cuter or special ones that I received this year...

I also received two red packets from Hong Kong. One was from Uncle Foo (mummy's cousin) who works in Ocean Park and the other one was from Uncle Freeman (daddy's cousin) from Macau. Thank you, uncles!

As with every year, mummy would ask me the same question...

Mummy: What would you like to buy with all this money?
Me: Hmmmmm... *thought hard and then whispered into into mummy's ear*: Can I buy toys?

Hooray! The "bread, banana and onion days" are finally over! I finally know how to ask for "normal" things now :D

Mummy: What else would you like to buy?
Me: Books?
Mummy: Okay, sure. What else?
Me: Errrrr... pay the electricity bill?
Mummy: Wuahahahaha!

Well, there is a reason for that funny answer, actually. I have this bad habit of leaving the television set on when I am not watching it. Sometimes I won't even allow mummy to switch it off although I am busy doing something else. Mummy never fails to nag this same thing to me over and over again... "You are wasting electricity. Do you have money to pay for the electricity bill?!!"

Well, now that I have my own money, I must have thought why not. Hahaha!


  1. auwww.. u r such an angel! Pay the electricity! Help auntie pay mine can ah? :D

  2. haha.....same with my boy. He likes to leave the tv on even he is not watching. Funny....... And I always nag at him....wasting electricity. haha

  3. By reading your post, I know I can't procastinate any longer, but I still have to wait for the test to be over in March, then only I will the girls count their angpow.

  4. Ok then, let Chloe contribute abit to the electricity bill, hahaha :P

  5. Wah..Chloe is such a sensible girl. Gwen is very blur bout what's happening around her one.

    Gwen's angpow money already in the bank before CNY is over..haha.

    Aunty also gets angpow although already "old and not qualified". :)

  6. many angpau ah? Dont waste electricity ah. Your Papa earn money hard punya. Can use the angpau to belanja your Papa and Mommy eat lah

  7. wow...overseas ang pow also got.. geng!!

  8. hahhhahahh...such a dear little girl :)

  9. Hahaha, she is so clever! So mummy can not nag her anymore. With the HKD, can go HK again.

  10. Haha..tat is a sensible suggestion..use ang pao $$$ to pay for electricity bill!

  11. Such a good girl...can help mummy pay the electricity bill using her angpow money...

  12. Ha ha.... electricity bill???!!!! I've never heard of any kid offering to pay that b4 :)

  13. LOL, she is indeed very considerate! SUPER SWEET!

  14. hahhahahha.... next time mummy cannot nag anymore... neh neh neh neh neh...

  15. hahaha, so cute, help pay TNB bills ah! hehehe... wei wei wei, parents still gets angpao, walaowei! so good wan, actually we also got, haha!

    krys got one special angpao also, ren ming bi (China dollar) o.O

  16. Yeah right, Chloe can settle the electricity bill that means mummy must STOP nagging :-)

  17. Wakakaka! Chloe's answer is so funny!!

    My kids' angpao money was already deposited into their saving. My girl said her papa 'stole' her money and cried.

  18. Electricity bill hahaha. Maybe mommy could get those sense-able TV that can auto off if you are away keke

  19. poor girl, i don't think your mummy "sampai hati" use your angpao money to pay electricity bill. I bet with you. :)

    what a lucky girl? can obtain angpao from macau and hongkong too. good!

  20. Chloe dear, sure or not u wanna pay electric bill? very rugi one wor...hahahaha!!!


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