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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oops, I Flooded the Hall!

Remember this giant roly-poly bag that Gung-gung gave to me on CNY? I call it "My Panasonic". I have quite a strong affection towards My Panasonic and play with it almost every day.

The very tall "My Panasonic" and I...

I love to hug it, lie down on it, sit on it and bounce on it

This evening, a small accident happened when I bounced too vigorously on it. As a result, the stopper on the lower compartment (filled with water) got dislodged and water spewed all over the hall!

Mummy was busy with some work when she thought she heard some water-trickling sound. The moment she saw water flowing in all directions in the living room, she ran helter-skelter and tried to stop the flow but it was a little too late...

Oops... I flooded the hall! Doesn't look like a lot of water here, right? (some flowed to the corridor on the other side)

When collected into this basin, it was full - about 3 litres or perhaps more!

Sensing mummy's rage, I quickly apologized a few times to her. I breathed a sigh of relief when all she said was "See! Give me work to do!!"

Could still fool around and make monkey faces cos mummy didn't smack me nyek nyek nyek nyek!

Note: The flooded area was our iRobot Roomba's docking point. Luckily Roomba was out on duty and the charger was only slightly wet. Otherwise, hmmph.....!


  1. It must be mummy's good day, that's why Chloe didn't get smacked. Kekeke!Luckily iRobot Roomba is still in one piece.

  2. wow, that's a lot of water in the roly poly bag. can you still play with it?

  3. LOL, I love her monkey face pose, so cute!!!^-^

  4. hahahha... if kena the iRobot, i dun think u can nyek nyek nyek then... hahahhaha....

  5. Oh the bottom fill with water, very interesting. Those normal one fill with sand. "See! Give me work to do!!" haha this sentence so familiar xD

  6. hahaha, your roomba was saved! otherwise, mummy will not have jst said, "see give me more work!"...

    aunty irene would have grumbled more... kekekeke

  7. Nevermind, Chloe got angpao money to pay for anything in faulty! hahaha :-)

  8. much water. So, will Mummy let you play with the giant roly-poly bag in the future?

  9. *phew* iRoomba is safe! if not seifor lor...

  10. what a naughty girl!

    You create a lot of problems for your mummy.

    Ok! No dinner tonight until you clean up the mess!

  11. Ohh... I didn't know Mr Panasonic is filled with water, kekeke... Thought some other heavy material.

    So, now Chloe stands taller than Mr Panasonic :)

  12. Same with Yvonne, I dint know Mr Panasonic is filled with water too! haha..
    Wishing you a great weekend ya!

  13. 0.0 the water hahaha
    Your Panasonic reminds me with mine Chloe, aw miss my childhood time haha


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