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Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Parks in a Day

Last Saturday, we did not go anywhere and stayed at home nearly the whole day. As the evening was approaching, daddy and mummy decided to bring me to a park. We went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa in KL because I have never been there before while daddy and mummy's last trip there was about 10 years ago!

It was very, very hot and sunny at 5pm+ so mummy slathered a generous layer of sunblock all over my arms and legs.

It is quite a scenic park but not shady enough

Hello, cat. Bye, cat! I love cats and I like to talk to them hehe...

While walking (and jogging), we saw horse rides and horse-carriage rides. Mummy asked if I would like to try horse-riding (it cost only RM1 per ride) but I wasn't interested at all (because I was scared). We decided to ride on the horse-carriage instead. This was even cheaper, at RM0.50 (child) and RM1 (adult) for a single-round ride.

Ready, steady.... hey, wait for my mummy! (she's still busy snapping photos there)

My very first horse-carriage ride... hehehehe.... this is fun. I likey :)

Poor horsey... kena "rotan" by the uncle every now and then throughout our ride

After about an hour of walking under the hot sun, we felt tired, thirsty and hungry. We stopped for snacks at a lakeside cafe...

Wash hands first... also my first time washing hands like this

Happily munching on my butter and condensed milk toast

Look, mummy! I see a rainbow at the fountain! Can you see it too?

The rest of our time was spent at the playground. It was HUGE and I refused to leave... until almost nightfall.

(Pic taken from our moving car) When we left the park it was already this dark... and the bright lights of the KLCC twin towers gave daddy and mummy another impromptu idea...

In about an hour's time, it was going to be Earth Hour and they suggested going there to see the lights go off at the twin towers. We headed there straightaway without any second thoughts. We bought some food from the Isetan supermarket and had a night picnic at the KLCC park. That's how we ended up going to two parks in one day!

Before and during Earth Hour at the Petronas Twin Towers

We even went shopping in KLCC after the lights went out and quickly returned one hour later to see it being lighted up again haha. Crazy, eh?


  1. For the past few days it's so HOT! I will wait till the sun set only get out from my hut...LOL!

    Nice....u had the horse carriage ride.Wonderful experince.

  2. It was not crazy, it was a simple and relaxing day for Chloe and parents.

  3. The horse ride is soooooo cheap!! The other day, there was a carnival in PD and the horse ride cost RM 10 PER ADULT......

    The night view at KLCC is great!

  4. Wahh, didn't know got such a lovely park with soooo affordable horsey rides right here in KL!! I thought we had to fly overseas for this kinda thing... thank you so much, I'm definitely gonna lock hubby down to bring us there!!

    Btw, at one glance, one scenic view looked like the sydney opera house, hahaha!

  5. How to shop in the dark, har? Park got mozzies?

  6. B&B's Mama: It wasn't dark inside the mall lar. The shops and departmental stores were still brightly lit except for some restaurants where they lighted candles on each table. There wasn't any mosquitoes in the park either :)

  7. Yalor, Titiwangsa has not only 1 but 3 conjoin playgrounds, lol, definitely kids' paradise!

  8. What a fun day. I like outing like this too. I must say the horse ride is really cheap.

  9. We just went there recently, too!~

    Too bad we miss the horsey ride, looks fun!

  10. ooo...Cleff have been talking about this long time already. I have yet to go.

  11. What an interesting park-hopping day! The horse&carriage ride is unbelievably cheap!

  12. wah...from morning till night? really a family bonding..

  13. wow, there is so much to do there. I bet Ashley would love the horse carriage cinderella...hahahahaaha. thanks for sharing. we'll make a trip there one day :D

  14. High 5 Chloe! I love cats too! ^^
    And the horse ride is really cheap!


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