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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Gai-gai" With Mummy

Mummy has finally mustered enough courage to drive to the neighbourhood malls. Yay! During the recent school holidays, she brought me out two days in a row. We went "dating" again... just the two of us :)

In our first outing, we went to The Curve/Ikano/Ikea. The highlight of this outing was my very first visit to Ikea's playland called Smaland.

I had a light snack of Ikea's curry-puff and vanilla ice-cream before playtime.

The curry puff was ssssssssssspicy but I loved it *put tongue out to cool it*

Smaland, here I come!

After I was ushered into the play area, mummy moved to the side, hoping that I would meet her at the window where the ball-pit was (as what she had told me earlier). As soon as mummy was out of sight, I bawled! Silly me. Being all alone, I felt very lost and just stood there for a moment... and decided to cry my fears away. I was all smiles again after mummy showed up and directed me to the ball-pit. Duh...

Mummy, don't go away ar!

Having a ball of a time!

I only played here and stubbornly refused to explore other places in the playland

Let me drive you home, mummy...

At the indoor playground of The Curve

The following day, it was a tag-along grocery-shopping trip with mummy to Giant. Mummy purposely drove to the further Giant in KD because she felt that this Giant was newer and much more pleasant compared to the one nearer to our home.

Nice, clean, free and most importantly, FUNCTIONING kiddy rides

Clean and well-maintained playground... can you spot me in the pic?

Before leaving, mummy and I had a small indulgence at JCo. Both mummy and I have never tried JCo donuts before. This was our very first time.

Fat-free yoghurt with strawberry topping, Coco Loco donut for me and Avocado-dunno-what donut for mummy

Mmmmmmm! Can we do this more often, mummy?


  1. Never been to Smaland too. I guess this kind of playground must go with other 'kaki'...then only more fun and the kids will venture deeper into that place.
    Din get anything fr IKEA sale?

  2. I was about to ask you go Ikea during the school holiday ( weekday ) but scare your got no driver to go there!! Now I know you can drive there dy!! Hehehe, next time we hang out at Ikea together ya..

  3. So fun and Chloe must be enjoying the 2 days dating with mom.

  4. Sounds fun, just the 2 of you...
    By the way, I miss Ikea's ice cream and curry puff, cheap and nice!!

  5. Wah... 2 days in a row! Chloe must be enjoying Smaland the most. And dare to eat spicy curry puff?!! wow~~ Avery doesn't take anything which is spicy.

  6. Next round, mummy can venture further and further...Getting very mobile edi.

    Btw, you've trained your missy to start liking curry at a tender young age. A true blue Malaysian gal!

  7. I hardly go out with my girl since my babysitter no longer taking care my younger girl on Saturday. Last time, i still can sneak out for the half day while she is with bbsitter...awww..

  8. it is fun to be driving ya! When you are used to it (driving) you will tend to plan more outings. hehe....

  9. Congrats to mummy for finally mustering enough courage to drive on her own! Give her a little more time and she will soon be planning to go here and there with you without having to have Papa around! ^_^

  10. Ikea is far from my place. I usually hang out at Pyramid. Mummy, there's no stopping you are able to go anywhere you want. :)

  11. Ways to go, mummy. more outing with Chloe, please.

  12. I actually enjoy this kind of mother daughter outing, soon you can shop around with your girl already, it'll be twice the fun when she grows older!^-^

  13. We also prefer Giant at KD... cuz' the nearby Giant is always out of trolleys.. and even if we did get a trolley.. it's so cacat!

    Still not too gian with donuts all cuz of Big Apple.. jelak of the smell la :p

  14. I always bring my Sam to Giant for the FREE kiddy ride :P But she is too small for the Smaland ^^

  15. what a nice bonding time at the mall :) your mommy is so brave :D

  16. Bravo Chloe, dare to eat curry puff.

  17. Driving to Ikea, 'peanuts' lar! Driving home from Penang also can wor, then what????? Bravo!!!mummy Chloe.

  18. It's an fun outing for both & more outings planned ahead for the weekends & next school holidays! ;-)

  19. haha so you got to persuade mommy to drive more then you can gai-gai more loh.


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