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Monday, March 14, 2011

HRH Penang - Last Day

We had breakfast in another restaurant today... the Pizzeria. The dining area was just beside the beach and we enjoyed being fanned by the cool sea breeze while we ate.

Breakfast with a view

I enjoyed the breakfast very much and ate quite a lot!

Some... just SOME of the stuff that we ate...

After breakfast, we took a morning walk at the beach again...

A happy shot with daddy

ChloeRuoyi was here...

When we were out the whole day yesterday, I kept bugging daddy and mummy with the question "When can we go back to the hotel? I want to go swimming". I kept asking that after every 5 minutes. Yes, I was that annoying!

Mummy allowed me to have 30 minutes in the pool today and I was elated!

Yeaaaah! Swimming again!

Sliding down my favourite "Purple Twisty" slide

Riding piggyback on daddy around the big pool

Happy until cannot see the eyes!

After swimming, we whiled away the rest of our time doing crazy things in the room. Daddy "taught" me how to jump on the bed...

Yipeeee! I coincidentally made matching gestures with Paul McCartney in the poster (in the background)

We also turned on the hi-fi and danced and laughed til our bellies ached hehehe...

Another happy shot with mummy

One last pic before we said goodbye...

Finally, it was time to leave for home. As soon as I entered the car, tears rolled down my cheeks. In between silent sobs, I repeated "I'm going to miss the hotel... I miss the hotel..."

Daddy appointed a co-driver on our journey home... mummy. She was once again "conned" into driving and she actually drove the most difficult part of the journey... over 100km in a thunderstorm, with such poor visibility on the highway...

*mad tension*

Phew! Luckily we managed to reach home safely :)


  1. really smile till see teeth no see eyes wor :D

    can see your mummy's tension. The hnd grip wheel so hard

  2. wah...ur mommy can drive for a long journey...i can never do that although i drive everyday. Meant to drive short distance only..hahahah

  3. wow..u stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel? i only went in to see few times.. but didnt stay.. too expensive for me..:)

  4. Whoa... HRH! My dream hotel!!! Jeles nyer.. I was just drooling over it last time.. sigh..

  5. i just love the breakfast!! so wholesome and so many things to eat.. i love taking my own sweet time enjoying a nice breakfast, it can really make a day~~ :)

  6. Wah... Auntie also starts to miss this hotel already(actually never been there before), muahahah! Certainly a fabulous outing!

  7. Wow..this hotel is awesome. No wonder Chloe misses the hotel.

    Bravo can drive long journey now..hehe.

  8. Mummy is "conned" and mad tension, LOL!!

    The most anticipated area in HRH for Chloe must be the pool, eh? Been going for swimming for the 1st and last day.

  9. Haha, I like the picture of you jumping on the bed! Really match with the poster on the wall~

  10. mummy so pretty posing with Chloe.

  11. cried in the car! haha..

    And mummy did very good too...driving in a thunderstorm... a good training.

  12. What a coincidence, same happy gesture as Paul M! Cute! Really salute you, taking over the wheels!

  13. A lovely holiday!

    errr.... daddy taught Chloe to jump on the bed?? I tot most parents tell their kids NOT to do that?? ;)

  14. Adrine: Heh heh heh... we just want to let her experience the joy of jumping on a bed. Already told her that she can only do this in the hotel. At home, it's a big no-no :p

  15. Seriously, reading yoru HRH entries, make me want to go there with my children too.

  16. oh the beach is lovely. i hope to go there very soon :P hey, i bet you are a very good driver now...after the good drive from penang :D

  17. Wah breakfast next to the beach and sea, how nice. Mommy is getting good in driving wor.

  18. I think this is the first time I see your pic in blog.

    You are a very "si man" mommy.


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