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Sunday, March 13, 2011

HRH Penang - Day 2

The bed was very comfy. We slept very well and woke up feeling great :) Had breakfast at the Starz Diner.

I had 3 buns, a sausage, some scrambled eggs, 2 small pieces of papaya, some milk and a small tub of yoghurt *burp!*

After a hearty breakfast, we went out for a mini tour around Penang island.

Put on my sunnies first... (while waiting for daddy to drive the car over to the lobby to pick us up)

The first destination on our itinerary was to go to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). Strangely, the GPS brought us to the Botanical Gardens instead! Our plan was to visit this park in the evening but since we were already there, we decided to take a quick stroll. Mummy wasn't too thrilled with the idea of us getting "barbequed" under the 11am scorching sun but as we entered the park, we were greeted by a waiting tram. We took the tram for a 10-minute ride around the park. The ride cost only RM5 (RM2 for adults and RM1 for kids).

Me: Yay! Can sit on a tram! Mummy: Yay! It's not hot! Daddy: Yay! No need to walk!

Look, daddy! The monkey shee-shee (yes, the monkey was peeing haha!)

Just a few random shots of the lovely park

Back at the car, daddy redirected the GPS to Bukit Bendera again but it kept leading us back to the Botanical Gardens! Thanks to the very clear and reliable road signs, we managed to find our way to the Bukit Bendera funicular railway station only to be told that it was CLOSED for renovation and upgrading works. What a bummer!

Plan B was to head to the Kek Lok Si temple which was just nearby. This place was not even in our "to go" list but then... we still went there anyway.

Took an "inclined lift" to a higher ground to view the Bronze Statue of Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin)

With my Chinese zodiac... the faithful lil' doggie

Got "Mickey Mouse" and some other cute animals too

Next, we went to the Air Itam market/shopping area and randomly hopped in to one of the shops for lunch. I had kuey-teow soup, daddy had char-kuey-teow and mummy had char-mee-sua. The three of us also shared two glasses of refreshing herbal tea.

The food was not bad but the portion was very small! I finished the whole bowl of kuey teow soup on my own.

Our next stop was Queensbay Mall. Yes, we missed breathing in mall air haha. And of course, a trip to the mall is never complete without any kiddy rides for me...

And then mummy suggested we go to the toilet-themed restaurant called T-Bowl for some dessert since our lunch was just a light one. Well, just for fun, daddy agreed and we hunted for the place and found it...

Heh heh heh... how do you like my toilet bowl chair?

We had bubble bath honey dew sago (with vanilla ice-cream) and poo-poo chocolate ice-cream with waffle (at the bottom)

Err... yucky or yummy?

Next, we headed to Gurney Drive for dinner. Finding a parking space around that area was quite a nightmare so we decided to park inside the carpark of Gurney Plaza. As we were walking out of the plaza to get to the food bazaar next to it, we saw dark skies looming ahead! Oh dear... there goes our dinner plan.

Would you go out in such a threatening-looking weather?

Obviously, we didn't dare to and within minutes, the heavy downpour started. Our dinner plan was hampered by bad weather so we just ate whatever we could find in Gurney Plaza. We came across a food-court which was overcrowded with people so we thought the food here must be good.

Daddy and mummy had assam laksa and bittergourd beehoon soup. Daddy also bought a bowl of Mat Tou Yau (from QBM earlier), one of our favourite desserts back in PJ. Over here, they had this milky version and mummy was curious to try it.

The assam laksa was way too spicy (even mummy's chili tongue couldn't stand it) but the milky Mat Tou Yau was good!

I had my favourite... salmon and cucumber sushi (bought from Jusco in QBM). Can you see the tiny grain of rice on my right cheek? Hehehe

After filling up our tummies, we realized that the rain had stopped. We went out for a walk at the waterfront and enjoyed some cool sea breeze.

A night walk with daddy along Gurney Drive

Soon, we were all quite exhausted. It was time to return to the hotel and call it a day.

Night view of the hotel from where our car was parked

The colour-changing hanging lights at the entrance

After taking our showers and settling down in the hotel room, daddy and mummy had a crazy indulgence. They ordered room service again *faint*!

Kiddy meal set (RM25++)... baked potato skin with turkey ham and cheese, strawberry milkshake and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream (we had this yesterday too, it was good! The brownie was very moist and chewy)

After downing all those sinfully rich and fattening food, we went straight to bed. Before that, mummy kept screaming "Fei sei ngor lor!!!" (The fat is killing me!) Yes, fattening but still wanna eat. Women... haha!


  1. wats wrong with the GPS.. hahahha...
    u didn't try the famous asam laksa near ayer itam?
    noticed chloe's 3 fingers pose instead of 2 fingers (peace). LOl

  2. Miss Penang. The last time i was there was almost 5 years back. That time, i just got to know i was pregnant.

  3. Hmmm Kek Lok Si, I wish to go again, especially at night! The lightning is very nice...

  4. oh, your holiday is so interesting and the food look delish. i haven't to penang for over 20 years :( was it jam packed over there?

  5. Chloe's hair is so long already. She can really eat...very good girl. Gwen is a poor eater. :(

    Those desserts and shakes are quite fattening..I agree..but Mummy is so's ok. Exercise lor. :)

  6. oh, wasn't aware that you hv been to Penang. Next time u may call me as your free GPRS, kekeke....
    From the photos, looks like a wonderful trip you have.
    Chloe has very sweet smile.

  7. T-bowl.... I think the 'bowl' is spoiling my appetite.

    I don't remember seeing any "inclined lift" in Kek Lok Si temple, oh ya, that was 20 years ago, hahaha~ I got to climb up and I gave up halfway. Would love to visit this temple again ^.^

  8. Penang...oh..i miss this place..their famous cendol,laksa and cha kwe tiau.

  9. and more wow.....dont know where to start commenting. lift Chleo not scared of monkey?

    Food makes me droolllllll

  10. Wah! Hard Rock Hotel actually got a nice swimming pool!! We always check-in next to Hard Rock Hotel - Bayview. Hmmm...shall check-in Hard Rock our next trip. Jeremy said - I like Chloe, she is so pretty, hehehe!!!!

  11. U guys sure can eat alot!!! A great family eating spree! All d food looks good. Maybe except d food at T-bowl! :p
    Btw, how come no photo of Chloe Mummy ???

  12. Last time I went to Kek Lok Si Temple also cloudy like in the pic. Many times we go to Penang also rainy days...

  13. i like penang very much. Expecially, all the food! look yummy!!!

    I want to eat :)

  14. your post makes me wanna go penang! aaaaaaaaaah!

  15. wah...the weather at Gurney plaza looked very scary. haha... luckily you all stay in door.....

  16. I always like to squeeze in Botanical Gardens on my trips back to PG. Lovely place. I've not been up Bkt Bendera in a million years!


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