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Saturday, March 12, 2011

HRH Penang - Day 1

On the first day of the school holidays, daddy drove us all the way to the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang for a short 3D2N (12-14 Mar) weekend getaway. We started our journey at 8am. We had breakfast at the McD along the highway just outside our home.

I wanted the Tamagotchi toy so daddy bought me a Hotcakes (pancake) and Milo Happy Meal

After filling up our tummies, it was up, up, up all the way to the north. During the long journey, I played with my toys, sang, told stories and "knock-knock jokes" and took a short nap in the car. It was a pretty tolerable journey and I was a very good little traveller. Motion sickness seems to be a thing of the past now :) About 4+ hours later, we finally reached our destination...

With the iconic guitar at the entrance of the hotel...

... and The Beatles

Enjoying our welcome drink at the lounge

Let's check out our room...

The hallway of 5th floor... the second door on the left was our room

The hotel ran out of king-sized bed for us but we realized that joining two single beds was even better... it was more spacious for the 3 of us :)

The room was equipped with CD and DVD players too... we brought some CDs from the car and played our favourite music in the room ^-^

The bathroom

After our check-in, we realized that it was way past lunch time and we haven't had anything except for some biscuits and bananas in the car! At 3pm, our search for food was rather futile because most of the stalls and eateries were closed. Left with no choice, we had to settle for KFC nearby.

Yum-yum! I had my very first KFC drumstick (mummy peeled off the skin) here! I have never eaten it before. The last time daddy offered it to me, I wasn't interested at all so we've never had it since then.

After a light snack at KFC (light because it was already 3pm+ and we did not want to spoil our dinner), we returned to the hotel and got ready for swimming. Before that, we took a walk at the beach.

At the HRH stretch of the Batu Ferringhi beach

The highlight of this hotel is the swimming pool. It's like a mini water theme park and I went crazy playing there!

Wheeeeeeeee! I call this the "twisty" slide and it's my favourite!

This one is more gradual but still very fun!

*Close eyes, cover face* I'd cover my face everytime we went through this water-shooting rings

Wet and wild

Watch out, mummy! I'm shooting you!

After swimming, once again, we were starving! We tried to make a dinner reservation at the Hard Rock Cafe but we were told that the restaurant was fully booked and we had to be put on a long waiting list. Not willing to wait or drive out (daddy was tired), we decided to dial for room service.

I was too hungry to wait so I walloped two pieces of Toast'em bread before our dinner arrived. About half an hour later, dinner was delivered to our room...

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with saffron potato and citrus butter, fish burger with fries, spaghetti with meatballs, banana fritters with maple syrup and ice-cream, chocolate brownie with ice-cream and lots of almond flakes and two glasses of freshly squeezed juices (apple and watermelon)

Enjoying a scrumptious meal in the comfort of our hotel room (in our pyjamas) was.... aaaaaaahhh BLISSFUL!

Savouring my spaghetti in my pjs...

That's all for Day 1. We did not go anywhere and spent all of our time enjoying the hotel.


  1. The overall hotel design is nice~ I've never been there yet =_=

  2. LOvely hotel isn't it? Chloe is very brave to go down the slide on her own!

  3. Chloe really knows how to have fun. Gwen is scared of water slides and shooting water. -_-

    The food really looked scrumptious..hungry already now.

  4. Wow! You stayed there.. quite pricey right? We only dine there... And that was around one year ago........ Lovely place!~

  5. oh what a lovely trip. it's great not having to go out of the hotel huh? psst...ashley has not had any KFC before. her mommy is too paranoid to feed her fried chicken...kakakakakaa

  6. waaaaaaaah, shioooooooooook trip! hope we can go there soon too!

  7. Nice place ain't it,, was there last year,stayed a night but given a choice i would prefer Park Royal hahahahh .

    you actually had dinner in the room, that's so cool

  8. Nice hotel. and of course the food looks yummy too.

  9. yeah Penang, the lovely island which is fantastic for short vacation!

  10. Chloe must be having great fun time holidaying in Hard Rock Hotel.

  11. My gals loved HRH in Penang, they loved the pool. She even has a tumbler with her name on it? :)

  12. It was such a nice getaway at Hard Rock hotel in Penang. Keep posting on the subsequent days.

  13. My girl would definitely goes crazy with the pool~ It's nice and seems enjoyable.

  14. The hotel is nice and cosy. Nice short trip you all went. Oh her fringe trim already, look a bit different keke

  15. The grilled salmon really small piece hor? (he he...I alwiz like to look at food pics)

    I've heard so much about HRH esp the fun pool. Looking forward to the continuation of your Penang holiday post :)

  16. I would give a thumb up for this hotel.
    Shenny and I were there last year during World Cup period. We were there without papa, but with my family. We took few rooms, mostly connecting room. It was so funny that kids stay at one room to watch cartoon while adults stay in another room to watch soccer. We even had our dinner in the rooms. Really soccer fever huh!

    Shenny and her cousin love the pool the most. Bet Chloe is the same. We even ask life-guards to take care kids while we adults had our own fun. :)

    Did Chloe join their kid's club to do art and craft, and making cake fun? Shenny and her cousins did that too.
    Hope that we could go there again but with her papa.
    I forgot to blog about this.

  17. Such a extravagant hotel stay, beautiful hotel and swimming pool! Wish I could bring my kids there... lol!

  18. Adrine: Yes, the serving for the grilled salmon was disappointingly small. You know what, the other two larger ones were actually kiddy meals! Kiddy meals came in a set of one main meal, a dessert and a drink... which turned out to be cheaper and more "dai" :)

    Shenny's Mommy: I bet all kids love the swimming pool. It's really one of its kind. You can always make a another trip there with your hubby next time. We're thinking about returning there some day too...

    We missed the Lil' Rock kid's club though. Yes, I'm aware of the fun activities they have but too bad, we just didn't have the time to let Chloe play there :(

  19. er... you not meantion how much the price of the accomodation in hard rock hotel. or i miss the number?

    the bedroom look comfortable for me.

  20. That's a very nice mini water park in the hotel.


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