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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birds or Bunnies?

Mummy wanted to bring me for a movie (just the two of us again) because she had two FREE movie tickets which were expiring on 20th April. Daddy did not want to be left out when he heard about our plan hehe. He took half a day off from work to join us.

Right after school today (I had Mandarin class until 2:30pm), I was immediately whisked off to e@Curve. I was given a choice of two movies... the bunny one (Hop) or the bird one (Rio). Mummy was a tad disappointed that I chose the latter. She thought to herself "what can be so interesting about a flock of birds?" Anyway, she did not disapprove and went ahead with the ticket redemption for the 5:25pm show.

With the giant Rio beach ball at the cinema

We had "healthy junkfood" in replacement of the overly sweet popcorn that I disliked. We munched on this organic tortilla chips with soy and flaxseed, which was gluten-free, transfat-free and MSG-free (mildly flavoured with sea salt).

Watching advertisements while clutching the packet of organic tortilla chips

Mummy was SO wrong! The movie turned out to be hilarious and highly entertaining! Needless to say, we enjoyed the movie very, very much. I told daddy and mummy that I laughed until I cried haha.

It was already 7pm+ when the movie ended. We had dinner in Ikea. I had my favourite kid's spaghetti and I finished the whole plate on my own.

I was a bit grouchy because I missed my afternoon nap and was exhausted after a long day

It feels great to go for rare weekday movie treats like this. We hope to do this again someday...


  1. chloe really enjoyed the movie huh, laugh until cry.. lol

  2. Aiyo...Gwen is looking forward to watch RIO. You know what, Rio is not showing in Indonesia. How disappointed. :(

    The movie must be good since Chloe did not fall asleep watching it..hehe..just kidding.

  3. I bet Chloe rest early that evening due to skipping nap and long outing. Occasionally only, still ok la! Right? I am tempted to watch Rio now.

  4. everyone was blogging about this movie. is it really very nice?

  5. What a treat for Chloe! I'm impressed that she still naps!!!

  6. Hmmm, I think I'll wait for the DvD.. =)

  7. with 4 wheels..u can go jalan2 more often hor.... to make Philip like cinema le????!!

  8. What a wonderful family day! Good show, good healthy tortilla chips and a lovely dinner thereafter! Should go catch the bunny one next!

  9. Hey....good that she enjoyed the show and can wait tillt he show start before she open the chips! ;)

    Will be following your blog too now.

    Don't know if I am relieved or 'angry' that Myvi battery is like that. Anyway...I have since changed the battery to drycell.

  10. Haha she is so cute...laughed until cried. She enjoy the animation very much. Good treat for a bored weekday ya.

  11. Sounds like a nice CG, such joyful outing for Chloe!

  12. i wanted to watch RIO too...... have to find 1 day.....

    U r really healthy.....chips also eat organic type. haha

  13. Wow Laugh until cry.......
    RIO is superb, haven't watch hop yet...


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