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Monday, April 11, 2011

What's For Lunch? Part 6

Here's another batch of my healthy lunch collection...

Stir-fried organic green-tea noodles with egg, some greens (mummy forgot what vege), carrot and sliced homemade fish-cakes

Fried rice with free-range chicken egg, carrot, French beans and organic corn kernels with baked honey-chicken strips

Angel Hair spaghetti with egg-strips topping (cooked using bottled pasta sauce but with added minced free-range chicken, tomato, celery and onion)

Mee-sua with carrot, potato, spinach and homemade meatball (organic pork) soup

Macaroni with chicken, beetroot, carrot, organic siew-pak-choy and organic broccoli soup

Homemade organic spinach "torn" pan-mee with organic minced pork, mushroom slices and fried anchovies

Salmon rice with cauliflower, organic corn kernels, celery and carrot

Stir-fried alphabet pasta with egg, diced fish cake, white button mushroom, long beans and carrot

Macaroni soup with fish paste, carrot, organic siew-pak-choy and free-range chicken egg

Cheese and potato gnocchi with pasta sauce, chicken and spinach (this dish failed cos I didn't like the gnocchi... it was mummy's 1st attempt in making this)

Fish and potato cutlet with carrot strips, blanched organic broccoli and cherry tomatoes

Homemade tuna mayo buns with long-bean omelette, strawberries, blueberries and orange

They all look very plain, right? Maybe that's because mummy uses very minimal seasonings in her cooking. She uses only sea salt, organic cane sugar, a bit of pepper and light soy sauce and strictly no oyster sauce, no dark soy sauce or any other flavour enhancers (I can have plenty of those when we dine out hehe).


  1. did you boil the alphabet pasta before you fried? how long you boil? normally i use to cook the soup alphabet pasta.

  2. Wyneth: Yes, I did boil the ABC pasta before stir-frying it. Just boiled it about 5 mins or until they "kembang" a bit. I usually throw into the soup too... easier :)

  3. Wow can ijoin you? Yummy! I don't like to use dark soy also, and use Bragg amino liquid as soy sauce for the kids, pepper still ok.... Organic noodles for kids coz Vic gor allergy. Salute your mom for all the hard work.... Is that why she not going for no2? :)

  4. wow....u so pandai and creative! homecooked is always the best..

  5. Wow, mummy Chloe is so creative! Thumbs up!

  6. Irene: Oh yes, I use Bragg's Liquid Amino too :) As for no. 2, it's a loooooong story but one thing for sure is, as much as mummy wants it, there won't be one :(

    Reanaclaire, Hayley & Mommy to Chumsy: Thanks! :)

  7. These are all hearty, healthy and nutritious food for Chloe. Chloe is so blessed to have you as her mummy. These have told me why Chloe grows up so well.

  8. Such a healthy home cooked meals. I like all version of fried rice and pasta.

  9. Thanks for sharing all these, it's very healthy for kids & adults :-)

  10. Wow, food you prepared are so healthy, tasty and eye-catching too.

  11. I salute you, Mummy Chloe!
    U are so creative in creating such nutritious dishes for ur little girl.And also very good at making most of it home made.

    (Wink wink! Perhaps can write a blog or cook book on toddler food!:)

    Chloe, you are one lucky little girl!

  12. ah... I can probably get some ideas from here hehehe.. think need to start cooking and tapau lunch to work :p

  13. You are so creative leh. :) You can whip up healthy and yummy food so effortlessly. I don't know why I'm always scratching my head when cooking for Gwen.

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  15. Again, I'm impressed with the meals your mummy cooks for you, Chloe :-). Can help to ask mummmy where she buys organic pork? Aunty has been searching, but can't find it anywhere :-)

  16. Very nice and healthy lunch. I like it, all servings are so colorful.

  17. drool over all your healthy home cook food...

  18. such a great cook mummy. perhaps next time shall ask for recipe from you.....

  19. wah... you are very lucky daughter that has a chef mommy.

    so... learn some of the skill from ur mummy and cook for her when u grow up.

  20. Your homemade bun looks beautiful! I hardly successfully bake any of it, the result always devastating!

  21. Can I send both my kids to your house for a few months.....for them to eat your healthy homecooked food ?

    Haha..... i really salute you & Chloe too coz she eats a lot of things my kids don't eat.


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