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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Things I Say

Something Gross
Mummy never fails to do a "stool check" every time she cleans me up after my "big business". One day, she took a peek into the toilet bowl as usual and commented...

Mummy: Eeeeeeee... your poo-poo looks like the ice-cream that we had in Penang.
Me: Then you take out and eat lah!
Mummy: ..............

Too Hungry
I walked into the kitchen one day while mummy was busy preparing dinner...

Me: Mummy, is dinner ready yet?
Mummy: No, not yet.
Me: But I'm very, very hungry. I'm thiiiiiiis hungry *stretched my hands wide all the way to the back* You faster say "Oh, my poor darling" lah.
Mummy: Ooh, my poor darling....
Me: Hehehehe... *pranced away happily*

Me: Mummy, when I'm in K2, it will be 2012, right?
Mummy: Yes. And in 2013, you will go to Standard 1.
Me: In 2013, I will go to a real school? A big girl's school?
Mummy: Yes.
Me: Now, I'm in P&J Kindergarden. It's only a garden, not a real school, right?

The Snake Story
I have very dry, scaly and flaky skin, especially on my legs. Mummy says if I don't apply lotion after bath everyday, my skin is going to look like a snake. One day, this was what I told her...

Me: Mummy, if you don't put lotion on my legs, I will die.
Mummy: Hey, cannot say that!
Me: If you don't put lotion, then I will turn into a snake. Y
ou hate snakes so much (yes, mummy ABHORS snakes), you will step on me and kill me. Then no more me already lor! Die lor!

Me: Mummy! Mummy! Mummmmmyyyyyyyyy!
Mummy: Yes?
Me: I LOVE YOU *big smile* I love you sooooooooooo much!
Mummy: Why do you love me so much?
Me: Because you always take good care of me!

A Warning
A few days after the "lost and found" incident in Amcorp Mall...

Me: Mummy, if you don't take care of me properly, I will be lost forever and ever ah! I'm warning you ah!
Mummy: Ok, ok... I know...

Unfinished Lunch
Mummy always finds bits and pieces of unfinished lunch in my lunch box. Sometimes, it can be just a small corner of a piece of bread or just two grapes.

Mummy: Why can't you just eat this up? So little also want to bring home...
Me: Because I don't want to be the last. Teacher says who finish last must wipe the table. I don't want to wipe the table!


  1. Smart girl.. the last one proves that!

  2. ROTFL for Unfinished Lunch too! Your mommy will sure miss these when you grow up!:)

  3. Hi mommy,
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    Thank you

  4. All are very cute and naive conversations.

  5. LOL! The snake story is very funny~

  6. hahhaa...such a cheeky girl. kids never cease to amaze us eh?

  7. LOL...she really is fun to talk to. :)

  8. Chloe spoke logic...... love her talks! so funny.....

  9. Hahaha. The conversations are real funny!!!

  10. hahaha... so witty her responses :-). smart too... eat quickly to prevent wiping table!


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