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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bye-Bye, Milk Bottle

Alright, first of all, mummy is quite ashamed to admit that she still gives me milk in a milk bottle although I am fast approaching 5 years old. While I am addicted to my milk bottle, mummy doesn't mind delaying the switch because drinking from a milk bottle is the very last baby trait in me that she enjoys looking at hahaha.

Well, it all started when mummy accidentally left my milk bottle in Ah Ma's house (in Seremban) three weekends ago. With a heavy heart, she decided to seize the opportunity to ditch the bottle.

That very first night without my milk bottle, mummy made my milk in a cute Mickey Mouse mug to encourage me to drink from a cup. I made a small fuss and told her I didn't want a mug with cartoon prints on it. I wanted the plain glass. "I want the plain glass. Give me the plain glass and DON'T give me the Mickey Mouse cup anymore..." I whined. What an unusual kid I am!

A big no-no to cups with cartoons (I later told mummy that I didn't like cups with handles... duh!)

Glug, glug, glug... mmmmmmm! I still love my milk in anything they come in :)

That's it. I did ask for my milk bottle after we brought it home recently but mummy continued to use the glass and I did not protest at all. It was THAT easy. So it's time to say bye-bye to my milk bottle for good and here's a collection of the bottles that I've used from birth until now...

One year one bottle (not counting the small one on the left, which was for water)... goodbye to them all :(

Attempting to hold the water bottle at 4 months old

Holding the bottle on my own at 8 months old

One of mummy's favourite macro shots of me drinking my milk (19 months old)

Look Ma, no hands... can barely open my eyes in the morning (on most days)

Very "tarn" (enjoy)... one of the last few pics of me drinking from the bottle

Note: I started drinking from milk bottles since I was a day old because I refused to latch on mummy. I drank EBM (expressed breast milk) until I was 5 months old (until the supply ran low).


  1. **shamed** to say Ethel is still drinking from bottle. as long as she dont carry the bottle to school,is a blessing jor..hahhahah

    Voila...u collecting all the bottles...salute!!

  2. hahaha.. I think it's faster to drink from bottle... and it's more enjoying.. but then again, congrats on ditching the bottle!

  3. sobs...sad to part with this eh? our children are growing up too fast. Chloe has beautiful eyes :D

  4. Kekeke, Avery ditched her bottle when she started her school because I find her drinking too slow from the bottle and I'm always rushing to work.

    Congrats, Chloe!!

  5. Does Chloe still like to drink her milk now that she does not drink fr the bottle? My 2 older girls hated milk ever since they were weaned off their bottles :(

  6. Hey... that's my favourite macro shot too, so cute!

    Yay, bye bye bottles... so proud of Chloe! Mine still hv a long way to go!

  7. Hmm.. Mine still using bottles. I think will stop her from drinking bottle soon. You are right, drinking with bottle is a kind of baby trait for our kiddos..

    Eh I thought milk bottle have to change every few months?? You are geng lah.. one year one.. Yan Yan got 6 Avent bottles when she was newborn, because we are too lazy to wash and sterilise each use, we bought 6 bottles ngam ngam to fit into the sterilizer , haha, lazy hor..

  8. Gwen is still using milk bottle. *blush* She drinks quite fast using the bottle. I've been telling her that she has to stop using the bottle soon. She would give me a funny look..haha.

  9. Ha..Shenny jie jie too gave up milk bottle at age of 4. I find it so convenience since then without milk bottle wherever we go.

    p/s I too like the macro shot of Chloe. Her eyes are big and beautiful.

  10. haha cute photos and now in memory already. My girl is different with Chloe, she prefer with mug handle. She spill out many time with glasses.

  11. Like ur shots with her posing different styles while holding bottle. :P
    mine still long way la...because she's still babbling (couldn't talk what she wants yet) :P :P
    I change every 2/3 months, recently just bought Avent biggest bottle-until 11 oz or something like that.

  12. Mummy Moon & Alice: The reason why I used her bottle for up to a year is because I've never sterilized them at all. During the first year, I just cincai rinsed with hot water before use. After that, just washed and air-dried only. So, who is lazier? Hehehe :p Luckily she's a healthy baby and never fell sick until she was 19 months old :)

  13. A good milestone for Chloe. My 5 years old has started to drink from cup when she was 4 ( last year ), my elder was 6 that time. They drank less and less milk after that. I have added in Milo in their milk, and now they have started to drink more Milo with milk powder.

  14. Congrats to Chloe! Another milestones she achieved. U r such an organised person. Like the way you arranged your post with photos of each catergory to show us! And salute for keeping those milk bottles. I throw away once I changed a new one.

  15. Wahh, from all that I read from your blog, you mummy is surely one very sentimental woman. What about your baby clothes? Is she still keeping? Your shoes? My my... I can't imagine the amount of storage needed!

  16. well done.....Ryan still stick to his bottle at this moment...

  17. Irene: Yup, mummy is quite sentimental in some ways. Can only keep some of the small2 stuff. As for her clothes and shoes, I just kept a few... some have been passed to her younger cousin and the rest, donated :) House too small, storage space very limited only!

  18. with the bottles one is easy, they can sleep and consume.

    now, with a cup is not easy to do so.


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