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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration in School

It's that time of the year again and as usual, mummy was invited to my school today for a special Mother's Day celebration.

The theme was Frills and Frocks

Mummy asked me to choose a dress from my wardrobe and I picked this (mummy cheated and did not dress to the theme herself hehe)...

And as usual, must pose for some photos first before leaving home in the morning (holding the same I Love Mom flower just like last year)

Singing the "Ibu, ibu... engkaulah ratu hatiku" song with my classmates

Mummy was looking forward to our Mother's Day activity. Last year, we made a lovely bracelet for her. Well, guess what did we make for our darling mommies this time?

Craft time!

We created a pretty hairband just by gluing some sequins and a flower ribbon on it :)

This is for you, mummy *but held on to it and didn't want to let go* haha!

I also made a MD card in school today. Unfortunately, the card was ruined by my leaking water tumbler in my school bag :( The wet and mushy red crepe paper debris created quite a mess in my bag!


Luckily, I also did one in my MLP (Mandarin) class a few days ago...

Inside the card, I drew a "man" which I insisted was NOT a man but mummy :)

Mummy: How come my hair is so short?
Me: Because you cut your hair ma...
Mummy: Where are my hands? How come I don't have hands?
Me: Because you put your hands at the back like this ma *swung both my arms to the back to show her what I meant*
Mummy: LOL!


  1. The hair band is so lovely. Chloe's school is so good, every year made something for mummies. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. Happy mother's day!~

    At least she draw 'your' full body.. hahaahha.. Good reason she have there!~ LOL!!! :p

  3. That is sweet. ayiyo too bad 1st card destroyed. Nevermind got 2nd card

  4. The card with brightly red heart shape is very warm. Her drawing is nice.

  5. another fun activity! happy momsie day to you, HweiLi :)

  6. so sweet of her.. mummy must be smiling from ears to ears ya.

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you Hwei Li!
    Good lah you got two MD cards :)

  8. Happy Mother's Day, HL! So good lah Chloe's school. The hairband is lovely.

  9. Nice hairband & the drawing is very cute ;-) Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Her "mummy" doodling is soooo cute! Like the handband too! Nicely made, with all the love a little gal could give to her beloved mummy. Have a wonderful mother's day celebration!

  11. Nice craft with hairband, Chloe! Wish your mama a very happy (belated) mother's day!

  12. The second card is so how she explained to you...ahahhaha

  13. happy belated mother's day to you. She drew a very happy mummy !!! hehe....


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