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Friday, June 10, 2011

Arts n Crafts Day: Sun-catcher Mobile

We were in Mr DIY two weeks ago when I spotted this sun-catcher painting set and pestered daddy to get it for me.

I chose this rainbow fish. I insisted on this simply because it was the most colourful one (there were other nicer and bigger pieces at the same price)

I painted the fish all by myself. There was a lot of paint left so mummy suggested painting the old faded ones as well...

After a fresh new coat of paint, the new and old ones looked just the same

Now, what shall we do with them? Mummy decided to make a decorative mobile by hanging them on a pair of chopsticks with some thread.

Tied together a pair of unused disposable chopsticks and carved a small slit at the ends to hold the thread in place


Now, where shall we hang this? We still couldn't find a proper place to hang this so it's now lying "dead" on the dining table hahaha!

I also told mummy "I want to keep this for my baby. Next time when I have a baby, I can hang this at the baby's cot".


  1. i still remember when u painted the old ones.

  2. Hahaha... Chloe, you want to hang this for your baby? Brilliant! But then every 2-3 years you got to give it a new coat of paints ;)

  3. Very very nice. May be you can tie a bell at the bottom of it. Make it a wind chime

  4. Nicely done! I like the butterfly one...

  5. oh very creative. i like the mobile :) hmm...perhaps i should get one for keep her busy :)

  6. Nicely done...and love the way u hanging it...I want to get for Terry too..

  7. Hmmm, for Chloe's baby, that might have to wait for another 20 years. Why not Chloe ask mommy to give her baby sister or baby brother, that is faster.

  8. well done. haha for her bb... got to wait very long time loh.

  9. waa you very creative, now it looks like the fongcheng...'wind bell', maybe can find tiny bells and tie to it, but some chinese got pantang one ......

  10. very nice !
    she can paint very well !

  11. that's a VERY GOOD IDEA to make us of the little bits n pieces of sun catchers. thx for the tip :D

  12. How impressive, she painted it really well!


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