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Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Second "Home"

During the recently school holidays, mummy and I spent most of our time at home and in our favourite mall a.k.a our "second home", which is the shopping cluster of Ikea/IPC/The Curve/e@Curve/Tesco. In a short span of just two weeks, we went there 4 times.

1st Trip - The Curve, IPC and Tesco (2nd June)

Our first trip there was just to jalan-jalan because we were informed by our apartment management that there would be a power outage at home from 11am-5pm due to some cabling works by TNB. This was our longest outing, which lasted from 9:45am-6pm.

Doing some serious reading in the car on our way there (since I was prone to motion sickness, mummy told me not to read in the moving car but I kept telling her I was ok)

As we were early, I had the whole playground to myself!

Had sushi for afternoon snack/tea (taking advantage of the 3-5pm Happy Hour)

By 5:30pm, my battery was flat so I took a short nap in the Tesco shopping trolley hehe

2nd trip - e@Curve and IPC (3rd June)

Daddy took half day off from work to join us for a movie at e@Curve. Before that, we had lunch at Fullhouse in NZX.

Yummmmmmms! Enjoying my dessert in Fullhouse... chocolate mousse cake

Striking a "customary" pose with the car before leaving

We watched Kung Fu Panda 2

I enjoyed the movie very much. Mummy heard me giggling happily throughout the show. However, mummy found the show so-so only.

3rd Trip - Ikea and IPC (6th June)

Our third trip here was to meet Yan Yan for a play-date in Ikea.

Happy girls... Yan Yan and I


Queuing up to enter Smaland. I had a blast playing with Yan Yan and kept telling mummy that I missed her after we left

We spotted some Smurfs characters at the Movie Carnival in IPC. Mummy was a hardcore Smurfs fan when she was a kid so she was clearly more excited than me. She kept "forcing" and pushing me to have a photo taken with them but I was not keen at all...

I refused to go near them and flashed her a very reluctant smile

4th trip - The Curve and Tesco (9th June)

Our 4th and last trip was to fulfill the unfulfilled promises that mummy made to me earlier. I kept reminding her that she had yet to let me ride on the pink kiddie car and that she still owed me a McDonald's chocolate sundae so off we went again...

Finally, the pink car! Mummy thinks that very soon, I won't be able to fit in the car anymore

I love McD's chocolate sundae (refused to share with mummy and she had to beg for some!)


  1. i haven't been to your blog for some time. wow.. Chloe is very tall for her age :) I think Amber can still take the de Paris ride for another year or two.
    Has Chloe qualified for the 122cm rides yet ?
    cheers !

  2. I love the photo of Chloe and Yan Yan holding hands.. hehe =)

  3. I love Chloe's Kung Fu panda pose! We missed the show but since Chloe gave good verdicts for ths show, I reckon we should go for it one of these days!^^

  4. PHilip also suka IPC/Curve alot.but I cant drive through LDP happily one. So normally i will detour to Empire..heehheh

  5. Chloe and Mummy were having a very relax and happy holidays.

  6. My girl also refused to share Mcd Sundae with me...sobs***Have to get another for myself...

  7. Coffeesncookies: I think almost hehe, maybe in a year or so, she can even ride on all the adult rides ;)

    LittleLamb: I don't like to take LDP too. I usually use the Kota Damansara way cos it's a few kilometers nearer :)

  8. hahhaa.. go there so many times, like this u very familiar with the mall already loh..

  9. Hehehe, I like Chloe's forceful smile with the smurfs. My girl reacts the same whenever I push her to any mascots / clowns we met in the mall.

  10. She looks really tired in the shopping cart! Must be dreaming about all the yummy sushi's she just had...and all the fun she had at the playground.

  11. hahhha..i like your 2nd home a lot :) hey, Ashley was there recently and wanted to sit on the same pink car but the staff said she's too big for it. So she chose the pink scooter instead and had a blast!

  12. HOlidays and shopping to not go???

    Of all the malls in Klang Valley, I like IPC too...easy parking, spacious and shops of interest for kids!

  13. Wah, so many outings!! I likey (only if I don't have to drive and park, hahah)

    Me likes Smurf too, wish they do repeats on tv now.

  14. Nice hang out wor. Meeting friend tim. She looks so cute in her 2 plaits.

  15. Looks like she had loads of fun hanging out at the mall.

  16. Chloe with ice cream spoon on her mouth picture... melting... she is getting bigger and prettier everytime I come here... :)

  17. many outings. :) Chloe is really tall! Gwen like not growing taller geh..hehe.

    IPC is too far from my house.


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