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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Play: A Convertible

I love to play with my mini rocking chair. Yes, it's for playing, not for sitting. If only mummy could appreciate my creativity rather than constantly nagging me for cluttering the house with it. (She hates the sight of my rocking chair turned upside down lying around!)

On most days, it is converted into a carriage for my soft toys. This is done by "hooking" the rocking chair to the back spare wheel of my police jeep. This is my favourite way of playing with the rocking chair.

Driving my "kids" to school

Occasionally, I will also turn it into a high chair. A foldable stool is placed in the centre to make a tray.

A double-decked high chair for Tom the bear and his friend...

This is also one of my favourites... as part of a choo-choo train "coach".

Chugga chugga choo choo!

And lastly, as a rocking chair once in a while...

One rocking chair, four functions!


  1. My kids have one similar rocking chair at home. Yes, ONE only. And they always fight for it - no sharing or taking turns.

    I have the same thoughts as Chloe's mommy and feel like getting rid of it *bad mommy*

  2. hahhha...Chloe is very creative :) it would be too boring to just use the chair for sitting huh? i like the rocking chair :)

  3. Sorry for my long absence. I'm finally back in action! haha

    Chloe is so creative. Let her be. hehe

  4. She is creative in her play with the rocking chair, especially in the first and the second function.

  5. The rocking chair is so cute. Chloe is creative and smart. The high chair idea is very good.

  6. So innovative! Clap clap. It's a good skill that can't be taught.

  7. Oh wow! She sure knows how to "spice" up her days with the rocking chair! The Chloe rocking chair is so much more fun than the old fashioned Rocking chair! Bear bear is soooo lucky to enjoy Haagen Daaz on the Chloe rocking-high chair...teehee.

  8. Cute Chloe, she is surely creative to "Play" her toys keke

  9. Worth investing in one! nice looking too..

  10. You make me wanna buy one.. haha! so useful...

  11. Wow... sounds like a magic rocking chair. hehehe

  12. I am very afraid sittin on rocking chair. I have the feeling of falling backward while it rocks!


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