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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Kissing!

While most people do not bother looking at public notices, I am always on the look out for one. I enjoy reading the list of prohibitions on notices such as this...

No swimming, no fishing, no pets allowed...... etc.

What's this, mummy? No kissing?

Me: Mummy, why no kissing ar?
Mummy: Err...
Me: Why? Why cannot kiss?
Mummy: The park is a public place. Men and women cannot kiss in public like that. It's not nice...
Me: Ooh, kiss already must get married is it?
Mummy: *chuckles*


  1. Kiss already must get married is it?
    hahaha I like this one.

  2. hhaahaha...this is funny. Ashley loves reading all the X lists too and then she'll ask me why this or that is not allowed :D

  3. LOL.. sometimes, those notices really make us laugh, kekeke :P

  4. Hahaha... this was taken from Seremban 2 Citypark right?

  5. LOL! She is just soooo funny and cute with her remarks! You have a gem, there:)

  6. Good that she pays attention on the notice sign. Many are lazy to read it.

  7. LOL. She is so observant which is good.

  8. LOL @ the "kiss already must get married" part. Chloe is so observant. Just like the "Stupid" balloon incident.

  9. She is very observant and I like her her last statement.

  10. haha...... am sure you burst into laughter after hearing what she said.

  11. I cannot stop laughing, rolling on the floor when she said OOH, KISS ALREADY MUST GET MARRIED IS IT??? Koo Ma's time like you KISS ALREADY, STOMACH BIG ANG GOT BABY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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