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Monday, July 11, 2011

Melaka Zoo

Last Friday, we went back to Seremban (on our regular fortnightly trip) a day earlier than usual. Since we had the whole Saturday free, we made an impromptu trip to Melaka. Our main objective was to visit the Melaka Zoo after hearing many good reviews about it.

Let's go to the zoo.... I kept Gung-gung and Ah Ma happily entertained in the car with my jokes, stories and antics :)

After a short and pleasant 1-hour journey, we reached the zoo in Ayer Keroh. It was raining heavily and drizzling intermittently so obviously, we could not get down from the car.

What a wet morning...

We drove on to Melaka town and it was just as wet over there. Hampered by the rain, we could not visit the historical sites (but just drove past and viewed from the car) or hunt for food in the nearby areas. Since we've already done that the last time we were here (this was my 3rd trip to Melaka), we decided to look for a sheltered place to go... and where else would that be but Jusco Bandaraya Melaka haha!

I wanted something very, very badly in Jusco but when daddy and mummy said no, I accepted the rejection most positively without any tear, fuss or sulking. Touched by my understanding and good-natured behaviour, mummy felt compelled to reward me with something that I loved... a 20-minute playtime (RM3.00) in Jusco's kiddy playland. I enjoyed every second of my time spent there and the smile written all over my face was simply priceless (to mummy)!

Doing a daredevil act... "driving" a little plane into the ball pit... I did this again and again *mummy rolls eyes* I was the only kid playing there and had the whole ball pit to myself!

After lunch, we realized the rain had stopped so we proceeded with our zoo plan. Since I was officially not 5 yet, I got FREE entrance. Gung-gung and Ah Ma were both entitled to Senior Citizen fee of RM5 each while daddy and mummy paid the full adult fee of RM7 each.

Brightly coloured birds greeted us at the entrance

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, raccoon?

Feeding Time! We had some fruits as snack to lighten our hand-carries

Some of the animals that we saw

We managed to catch the last 10 minutes of an animal show and later, we also watched an elephant show and took the opportunity to feed and touch the elephants here.

Feeding Time 2: Gung-gung bought me an ice-cream to go with the show... and I accidentally dipped my nose in it

Stroking a baby elephant's trunk. I was too scared and only dared to touch it after seeing daddy and mummy do it

Hey you! A funny chimp monkeying around to amuse us

Our favourite animal was the tiger. The tigers here looked very healthy and had the most beautiful enclosure in the whole zoo. We spent about 10 minutes here and even managed to witness one of them poo-pooing hehe.

Wild and ferocious!

Feeding Time 3: Enjoying a butter croissant on the go


We also took a short walk in the Mini Safari. There were deer, zebras and giraffes roaming freely in the open.

Close encounter... we enjoyed watching these two beautiful zebras close up

Soon, it was already 6pm (closing time) and we realized we have been walking for more than 3 hours!

Before we say goodbye... one last pic in the zoo

From the zoo, we headed back to Seremban and called it a day. I was so tired, I dozed off in less than 5 minutes after getting into the car!


  1. Was that the BERSIH Saturday that you going to Melacca? It was a nice breakaway from chaos city.

  2. Oh, it rained at Malacca? How I wish the rain can come to my hometown....

    I've never been to Malacca zoo before.. The trip looks fun!

  3. Yes, Sheoh Yan. It was the Bersih Saturday and we managed to successfully escape from the city a day before without getting caught in any jam :)

  4. Malacca zoo not bad wor from the pics. :) I've never been there yet.

  5. Yalor, compared to our national zoo, malaka's certainly has more variety and vast collection of species, I can see Chloe had a great time, happy for her too!^^

  6. Reading this entry got me the urge to bring my kids to zoo. My girl has been asking me for a trip to visit the animals.

    Your zoo trip was cooler after a rainy morning, right :)

  7. Me and family will be going to Muar this month. Hopefully we can get to allocate some time to this place.

  8. lovely day. makes me wanna go to the zoo again :) the pony ride was not opened that day?

  9. Nice visit and the zoo not bad (compare to Zoo Negara haha). The small Zebra are so cute.

  10. Looks like the MALACCA ZOO is way better than ZOO NEGARA in Kuala Lumpur... Such a sad case eh~

  11. Nice outing!~ Not bad wor.. Maybe it's better choice than Zoo negara..

  12. Wow....3 wonder Chloe is so tired. haha

  13. Wat a fun outing. Good that it rained earlier, so I guess it wasn't that hot when u were in the zoo.


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