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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's In My Lunch Box?

Every Tues-Thurs, I attend Mandarin classes from 1.00pm-2:30pm. On these days, I will have my lunch in school and mummy usually packs lunch for me in the morning (she's too lazy to cook fresh lunch and deliver them to me at lunch time!).

She usually prepares food for me that require minimal cooking and food that won't turn soggy when eaten later. Most of them are just fruits and vegetables. She also makes fishballs in large quantities and deep-freezes them for future convenience (just reheat in the morning). On most mornings, all she does is fry omelettes for me.

Here is a collection of what my lunchbox looks like. It's basically the same old thing every week...

Homemade fishballs, free-range chicken egg, carrot sticks and blueberries

Carrot and egg fried rice with homemade fishballs, blanched organic broccoli and grapes (The rice looks yellow because it was cooked using the red Carotino cooking oil)

2 slices of Butterscotch bread with carrot omelette, banana, grapes and turnip strips

Homemade fishballs, baked potato wedges (with tomato sauce for dipping), blanched organic broccoli, grapes and carrot sticks

Egg sandwich (2 buns with egg and organic lettuce), baked sweet potato wedges, grapes and fresh apricots

Banana pancake (made in a rush, in the morning), blanched organic broccoli, carrot omelette and steamed organic corn with butter

Fried rice with carrot, French beans, egg and diced homemade fishcake, and a banana

Homebaked bread with cheese and jam, steamed peas with butter and salt and a banana

2 butter croissants with long bean omelette and sliced cheese and a packet of fruit juice

Baked sweet potato wedges, asparagus omelette, onion and cheese bun, strawberries and blueberries

2 slices of homebaked multi-seed bread (walnut, almond, hazel nut, flaxseed, sunflower seed, raisins and dried cranberries) with a slice of cheese in between, egg and milk

Spinach omelette, homemade fishballs, steamed organic corn with butter, blueberries and cherry tomatoes

Homebaked wholewheat buns with cheese, grapes and Milo

On most days, I come home with an empty lunch box but on some days when there are leftovers, I will finish them up at home for my afternoon snack.


  1. Chloe can finish everything just for lunch? I'm impressed :)

  2. Lovely & healthy BENTO. Wah she can finish it all ar?? My girl always complaint she got not enough time to finish it and ask me to pack small portion. She said "Ms Chiam always said keep it, keep it. I yet finish also" haha

  3. Oh, Chloe is such a good girl compares to Avery. My girl is very, VERY picky and her food portion is VERY small. She doesn't like vegetables and fruits. She's a carnivor - only likes meat. Such an unbalance diet. When I force her with her veges, she gives me long sour face and whines. Tsk tsk...

    Thumbs up to Chloe~

  4. That's already alot of varieties. I'm always in a rush to fix her simple sandwiches and fruits to bring to school every morning. Sometimes just take the muffins/breads from the hotel's buffet breakfast spread. *hide face* Yours take quite alot of time to prepare ler. Good job, Mummy.

  5. Wow, all healthy food for lunch. Chloe's mommy is so 'rajin'.
    Shenny jie jie nowadays stays in kindy from 8.30am to 6pm, she just eats whatever kindy prepare for her (lunch and snack). See, how lazy Shenny jie jie's mommy.

  6. Healthy lunch, such hardworking and dedicated mommy!

  7. wow!!! your mommy so 'yau sam' to make such healthy and nice food for you... and you are such a good girl to finish it all up... :)

  8. Mummy is so hardworking and 'wai tai'.....

  9. All these lunch boxes are so healthy and well-balanced. Chloe is so blessed to have this wonderful mummy.

  10. I enjoyed looking at all the well balanced and colorful lunch boxes! Noticed the words "homemade" , "organic" and "wholemeal" popping out regularly. Really salute you !

    Ps: can share how to make homemade fish balls one day?

  11. Oh ya, I would also like to know how you made the fishballs. I tried it a few days ago, and it's so sticky! See my blog, did I do it correctly?

  12. such healthy lunch box !!!!!

  13. Vy healthy indeed. U buy mostly organic food? I'm too lazy to prep food for my boy for his after kindy extra classes. So I cater lunch from his sch -- they usually serve rice.

  14. I like your idea of keeping the bread into the ziploc bag. Must tiru your idea, thanks!


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